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  1. I loved my shades of pale dress. You have to give them a deadline about 2 months before your wedding. thats what I did. Darran and I didnt get married until May 12th but I told them I got married the end of April so I knew I would have my dress. I went with the best quality they offer. I paid 405 dollars for my dress. My dress at the local bridal salon was 950. I say its worth it. I would do it over again... With Shades of Pale!
  2. My wedding is this SATURDAY!! I am so excited. I got my dress from Shades of Pale about a month ago.. Its amazing. Exactly the dress I wanted and great fabric. I would go with them again in a heartbeat! Just letting all you brides out there know. That with them if your wedding is in may tell them it in March. I told them my wedding was the first week of april and I got the dress 2 days before my "wedding day" which would of left no time for alterations and the dresses will always need alterations. I sent my exact measurments and when I asked why it wasnt fitting me right I was told because they make everything like an inch to big. Mine was so big that the seamstress took it from a corset back to a zipper half way up. But I would def. do it all again with SOP. You just have to give them a deadline 2 months before your wedding day!
  3. When you get them dont freak out like I did.. They take them during production. weeks before they send them. Remember they are production pictures and not what your dress looks like. I flipped on Amilia. I thought that was the current state of my dress. An update on my dress. I have taken it to get alterations. They are gonna cost me 200 dollars. Which isnt bad for alterations but it is bad since I gave SOP my exact measurments and they still make my dress to big. It sucks. Amilia said they always add an inch or 2 just in case. and i wasnt planning on that just in case.
  4. I got pissed off with shades of pale because I would go days at one point 2 weeks without an answer to my questions. i started talking to marie and then i talked to amilia and then agnes and then back to amilia. It was a pain. Sometimes I did get exactly to the point with them.They were on a holiday from the 1st to the 7th I think. Probably backed up with emails. Have you gotten your prodiction pictures yet?
  5. You WILL get your dress. I was supposed to get mine in the middle of march too I just received it a few days ago. Its def. worth the wait. My wedding is May 12th but I told them it was April 5th so I could have it in time. I received it April 3rd. 2 days berfore my "wedding". Id email them and be stern about the situation and explain that you need it. You may not get it untill a few days before the wedding. But my dress is gorgeous. its big but its gorgeous. Shades of pale did an amazing job and I would do it all over again.
  6. I got my dress... Its amazing quality material and looks just like the picture. I paid for very high accuracy. The highest shades of pale does and its so worth it. I would do it all over again. I did tell them that my wedding day is a month before my actual wedding day so I could guarentee that i would have my dress. I need some alterations and they forgot to put in the bustle. I will post pictures when its finished.
  7. Yes you are. They dont allow comments to their facepage unless its on their pictures. I have since talked to them and my dress will be here Weds. Im excited. will post pictures. I have seen the beginning production pictures and its gorgeous but it was only the bodice. But the craftmanship in it is exqusit.
  8. I just got a email from Agnes. I will receive pictures tomorrow and will have my dress by the begining of next week. Will keep updated.And will post pictures.
  9. This is my dress that I am waiting on from Shades of Pale Bridal. when I hear or see anything I'll let you know!
  10. shades of pale. They have been amazing its just not in the passed 2 weeks. No i havent gotten my dress yet. They still havent asked for the 2nd part of the deposit. you only pay half down. Then when the dress is done you pay the other half. Idk whats going on. but I want my dress! I wanted it like 2 weeks ago!
  11. Funny you should say that.... I ordered my dress beginning of February. I started talking to Marie. She told me my dress would be done by the middle of March no problems and with production pictures. 3 weeks after i ordered it Marie is out of work for a little so I talk to Amaila. She says the same thing. My dress will be done mid march. No problems but still no production pictures. Now we are at the end of March. No more Amalia. I am now talking to Agnes and no one will respond to me. I frustrated and worried. And have still not seen any pictures. Agnes tells me they are extremly busy because its the chinese wedding season... I will keep you updated if I hear anything.
  12. I ordered my dress from Shades of Pale. I went back and forth with different companies to figure out who I wanted to make this dress. Here is my dress. I'll keep everyone updated on the progress. Im a little anxious. But Marie has helped me the whole way. The communication is great and I loved that they had pictures of dresses that they had actually done instead of just the designer pictures.
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