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  1. I am really freaking out! Prices are so high for the week I have reserved, April 17-24 2013. I checked a few travel sites and if we move the wedding to the 1st week of May it drops significantly!! What gives???? So frustrated with this.
  2. I am not sure you can use an ouside DJ. I am just going to use who the resort recommends because most brides have recently done that and have been pleased. With my experience I have found that if my travel agents calls Evangelina directly things actually get done. You might want to try that! Good luck.
  3. These are beautiful! Can you tell me where your husband got his wedding attire from? Thanks!
  4. Added myself as well! 5/10/2012 WPGBride (Chelsea and Mike) 5/12/2012 Dimplesandsuga 5/13/2012 Day_rog (Dana and Damien) 5/16/2012 Corio342 (Corey and Andrew) 5/18/2012 Sarah80 (Sarah and Luke) 5/21/2012 CKNMVS 5/23/2012 Aimeelaco28 5/24/2012 weddingprincess (Shannon & Brad) 6/3/2012 Mrskatieperry (Katie and PJ) 6/6/2012 Tiny6812 (Destiny and Jalon) 6/7/2012 ginaf61987 6/9/2012 Ssapper 6/14/2012 torilvv12 (Victoria & Yura) 6/18/2012 juliej84 (Julie and Ash) 6/22/2012 blondgoddesstif (Tif and Tony) 6/30/2012 rachallen18 (Rachel & Allen) 7/20/2012 LindseyM (Lindsey & Kevin) 7/26/2012 JulyDrcBride (Sophie & Rafael) 7/28/2012 Mnunez 8/4/2012 RollerBride (Kip and Kate) 8/7/2012 Nj2012 (Nikki & Joe) 8/10/12 (Annie & Jon) 8/24/2012 Sarah-Jane (Sarah and James) 8/30/2012 Shellbee (Shelby & Josh) 9/1/2012 Cbandemer (Colleen & Brian) 9/2/2012 Ktcblue2012 (Kariane & Nathan) 9/10/12 Mariposaazul (Sheila & Michael) 10/27/2012 Tkb08 (Taren&Collin) 11/8/2012 ahall5665 (Ashley & Ethan) 11/19/2012 melinmontana (Melissa and Kael) 12/01/12 mcree (Christy and Brian) 12/08/12 kellykellz (Kelly and Matt) 12/17/2012 Savs1027 (Savanah and John) 2013 Weddings 1/19/2013 marilili (Maritza and Sal) 4/19/2013Dominique161 4/20/2013 ParadiseBride (Christina and Jeremy) 4/27/2013 Vika Yakovleva (Vika & Anthony) 5/3/2013 Kthorpe 5/18/2013 Eyeball17 (Aislinn & Bob) 5/25/2013 Robynkelly (Robyn & James) 8/6/2013 JustNoelle (Noelle & Phillip)
  5. Is there going to be a webinar for Dreams Riviera Cancun?
  6. Does anyone know who the resort recommends for videography? Also what is their pricing like and how do we book them? Thanks!
  7. What do you teach? I am familiar with Pure Barre also, but they do not have one in St. Louis, MO.
  8. What is everyone doing or done for their save the dates? I am needing ideas and will be sending these out soon. Thanks!
  9. What is everyone doing or done for their save the dates? I am needing ideas and will be sending these out soon. Thanks!
  10. Wow your pictures are georgous! Did you use the resort photographer? Also can yo tell me where you got your props from? They were great! Congrats!
  11. Ladies, I have been doing The Bar Method workout since December and am down 12 lbs and am noticing huge changes in my body. I love it so much better than killing myself in the gym which is what I was doing before I found out about it. I go 3-5 times a week which is what they say is best for results. It is the first time I have EVER liked a workout and actually look forward to going to. Check it out to see if there is a studio where you live and if there isn't they have videos you can buy. I can't wait to see my results this time next year which is right before my April 2013 wedding. Good luck to everyone!
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