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  1. I didn't have enough of a balance to cover the full amount owed back to me at the hotel. Even after taking the money off of my final bill I was still owed over $1200. I agree somethings are always going to come up when planning a wedding but when you are dealing with over a thousand dollars that is supposed to be returned back to you, I'm sure this would be one of those higher priorities.
  2. I'm wondering how you were able to get a contact that was a manager? Is there any chance you still have their information? Every time I request a manager by phone or email, they will never pass me to one. I was wondering if I should threaten a lawyer or if that will cause them to not help me further...although playing the nice card has gotten me nowhere.
  3. Unfortunately I signed the wedding contract before thinking about getting a TA, and was told I wasn't allowed to get a TA or the unlimited events wouldn't apply. So I'm the only one that can contact them for the refund. They took part of the refund off my final bill and I was still owed additional 1200 after that. I've been going back and forth with the auditing department, that issues the refunds and it's gotten me nowhere. I'm so annoyed MP just can't get the things done they say they will do. I was told 2 weeks, that moved to 4 weeks, then last week when I didn't get it I was told definitely this week. Of course to no surprise it didn't get wired this week either. So I called today, was transferred to 5 different departments and no one seems to have a clue. I don't know why it's so hard to get in contact with a manager or higher up that can get things done. If the hotel doesn't want to refund the money they should never say they will. God knows I spent over 20k on my wedding there...how hard is it to get the 1200 back they said I would get. Just so irritating, I would never recommend having a wedding through palace resorts to anyone ever! Once you sign a contract they know you're stuck! The amount of drama does not make it worth it. You can go to hundreds of other hotels in Cancun and not have to deal with such incompetent people and have the paradise atmosphere. Ok I'm done ranting...ugh it just seems to never end.
  4. So just as others mentioned, I still haven't received my refund from the unlimited events. Any tips on getting Moon Palace to follow through with the amount they owe me? Every week they say it will be ready the next week and then nothing....
  5. OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so sorry to hear this!!!! I hope you are doing OK, that is HORRIBLE!! HE should have to pay you for the amount you lost!
  6. Thanks! That is awesome! I got a lot of ideas from this site, so helpful in the planning process, so I'm glad to help!
  7. I didn't do a full planning thread with all of my wedding ideas but I definitely enjoyed reading the past brides. I got a lot of information about vendors and cute ideas to incorporate into the wedding. So I'm posting here are some of the ideas I used (These did not upload in any kind of order) For bridesmaid gifts I gave them each a necklace (which were all different because I wanted to get something more special and meaningful to that person) I also got personalized towel wraps from personalizationmall.com http://www.personalizationmall.com/Ladies-Personalized-Terry-Cloth-Towel-Wraps-for-Bath-or-Spa-i17885.item?productid=4432&sdest=Search&sdestid=23173273 The groomsmen gifts were ties we bought at www.thetiebar.com. They also were given Quicksilver flip flops (bought from Zappos), and a leather beer holster from www.homewetbar.com Old Navy flip flops for the ladies, I hot glued stickers on the bottoms for a little photo op. I tried to paint it with stencil and it didn't come out right. Maracas for the wedding reception favor. I bought these at Amols.com in pink and seafoam green. These were placed on each plate at the reception. I wrote our names and wedding date in white paint on the handle. Table numbers. I got this idea off of pinterest. I bought different kinds of fabric, taped them around the glass of the frame (this way you can use the frames later, some people glue the fabric to the backing of the frame) and hot glued the numbers to it. I first tried this project with 5x7 frames and realized they were way too big so then I went with the 4x6 frames and they looked way better. I found the numbers at a hardware store. This was the guest book from the wedding reception. I created it myself on powerpoint and had it printed through vistaprint. For the ring bearer and flower girl they received their own bags (spiderman and disney princesses) filled with different toys, coloring books, and rafts to use while at the resort. For the ringbearer I bought this ring security shirt to wear during the welcome dinner. It was so cute! I bought this at Michaels. I created this Do Not Disturb sign on Word and bought a two inch hole punch for the handle. It was super easy and really cute to see people actually using them. I put these steins that I bought off of Etsy into the welcome bags for each person. This was one (of the two) biggest hits from the welcome bag. Everyone used them all over the resort! They were way bigger than the cups they give you at the bar. Etsy shop: http://www.etsy.com/shop/Factory21?ref=seller_info I found this cute Bridal Party Kit tag online somewhere and thought it would be fun to create a bridal party pack to add in the gift bag for the bridesmaids. I put tic tacs, nail polish, wisp disposable toothbrush, 5 hour energy, and a lip gloss in each pack. Gift tags I created for the groomsmen gift bags. Gift tags for the bridesmaid gift bags Welcome bags! This was the second biggest hit, the bag itself. I bought reusable bags these from Old Navy for $1 each (they don't say Old Navy on them). These were perfect to use as pool bags and I saw everyone use them throughout their stay at the resort. Welcome bag contents: Gourmet popcorn, steins, mini altoids, aloe gel, gummy bears, 2 oz. sunscreen spray (everyone used these) first aid kit, chex mix, loofah, bug spray (needed for the outside night events!) wet wipes, anitbacterial gel from bath and body works, TONS of advil, drink mix packets, welcome card that had the schedule of events on the back (I don't have a picture handy of it but I created them on vistaprint) and the do not disturb signs For the welcome dinner since it was out on a terrace I had glow in the dark bracelets (the ringbearer got a glow in the dark sword and the flower girl got a glow in the dark wand) I also had a guest book at this event, I borrowed a friends Fugi Instax camera (basically takes the old school polaroid pictures) and had everyone take pics and add them with a message to a scrapbook. I brought a couple of sombreros to wear at the welcome dinner and for the pictures as well. Maracas along with the placecards at the reception Menu: I created this through an etsy seller. I wanted to have a thank you note on everyone's place setting to let everyone know how much it meant to us for being able to make the trip. (if you make click on the pic you should be able to read it) Etsy seller: http://www.etsy.com/shop/StaceCadetDesigns Flower petals were bought from www.flyboynaturals.com I learned about them through this site. I bought the petals about a month and a half before the wedding and they were perfect on the wedding day. I put the bag of petals into the bathroom while the shower was on to steam them up a little the morning of the wedding. I made flower petal cones for each person to toss and filled the flower girls basket with them. Sand ceremony: I bought the vases and sand holder from Michaels Virginia Tech garter: I kept this a secret from my hubby, for a surprise during the garter toss. He went to VT and of course loved the garter. I bought this at the college emporium at Tech and had it shipped. Cake topper: Custom made and I am SO SO happy I spent the money for this. I bought this off of Etsy and she made it to look exactly like us and our outfits, and my dress was perfect! I was worried about it having to be shipped all the way from Tel Aviv but it came undamaged without any problems. Etsy Seller: http://www.etsy.com/shop/mudcards I bought wooden fans from Micheals and added the pink bows, instead of a program (aren't they all the same pretty much?!) I decided to make a caricature of each person in the wedding party. That way everyone knew who each person was. I got a ton of compliments on it and Del Sol said it was the first time they had seen such a thing haha. I bought these straws from Etsy, (I don't have my exact picture on hand) but on the flags I put "eat,drink, and be married" on one side and the other said "M+D 10.20.12" I put these in the mason jars that held the glow bracelets from the welcome dinner out at the cocktail hour. Etsy seller: http://www.etsy.com/shop//CherishedBlessings Hair flower I bought of Etsy as well! I loved it! Etsy seller: http://www.etsy.com/shop//VirginiaGeigerJewels Ring bearers bow tie (so freaking cute) Etsy seller: http://www.etsy.com/shop/CraftyMunchkins?ref=seller_info That's pretty it I think!
  8. No, Pierre paid to have it private during our shoot. I'm not sure what the cost is, but he said it's something he had to do in advance. I highly recommend him though, and he has very competitive rates! Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Pierre.Visual.Studio?fref=ts
  9. Here is a sneak peak from our TTD we did a couple days after the wedding! We only have received 1 pic so far We went with Pierre Violle and he was AMAZING!
  10. For our wedding most people booked right around a week or two before the room block was about to expire. I think in general people tend to book at the last minute, especially when they feel the vacation is still months away. It's definitely hard for planning purposes.
  11. Here is my wedding review...I'm sure I'm missing some pieces here and there so feel free to message me with any questions!! http://www.bestdestinationwedding.com/products/moon-palace-golf-spa-resort-all-inclusive/reviews/6594
  12. They must not have started the pool construction yet, but the walk to Nizuc isn't bad at all and the place is so huge there is plenty of places to go to not be around it. A couple other things that I'm randomly thinking about from the trip is the beach was red flagged almost the entire week so everyone stayed at the pools the whole time. Also, I really recommend getting $100 or some amount of money in $1 dollar bills to give for tips. Even though tips are already paid for a lot of the workers there expect/appreciate tips. It doesn't need to be the normal 18-20% but a couple dollars at the restaurants and a dollar here and there for drinks really does a long way in terms of service. I already knew this ahead of time so I brought plenty, but not everyone of my guests knew and a few people who ordered late night room service said the delivery guy kinda lingered around a little too long waiting for a tip.
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