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  1. We used Caribe and absolutely loved them! Our budget for photography wasn't very big so we only paid to have a photographer for an hour and a half. Like you, we only had 16 guests and the time we booked was plenty for our group. Caribe lets you choose when your session begins and we had them start from the beginning of the ceremony so we could be sure to get lots of pictures on the beach with everyone. I really wanted pre-ceremony photos of the bridal parties getting ready so we used my dad's Nikon and had a family member who takes good photos get those shots for us. After the ceremony, while the photographer was taking shots of of just my husband and I, my dad stood behind the photographer with his camera and took the same shots. Surprisingly, the photographer didn't say anything. Our photographer was Santos and he was so professional and funny. He was very creative with poses and was very open to doing shots I had found on Pinterest. It was so hot on our wedding day and he was dressed in nice kahki pants and a dress shirt. He had to have been miserably hot but he never once complained! Our wedding was on Saturday and on the following Thursday he had our photos ready. He offered to photoshop them and send them to us by mail for an additional cost but after seeing them in person we were happy with how they already were. The package we purchased came with so many prints of different sizes and we were so surprised to receive those prints in a beautiful wood photo album that looks hand made. Here are some of our pictures from Caribe -
  2. All sixteen bags have been purchased. Thank you!
  3. Clutch – Purchased from Etsy seller OCStyleCreations. Pleated clutch in navy blue and white Amsterdam Damask print with removable coral bow that has crystal accent. Lining is navy blue cotton. Never used (forgot to pack for the wedding). I paid $30, asking for $20. If you are interested please email me (erynn_2006@yahoo.com) ß that’s an underscore in the address . Also, if you would like an estimated shipping rate, please include your zipcode.
  4. Welcome Bags/OOT Bags – Purchased for $60 from another seller on here. Never used, at the last minute we decided to use bags our travel agent provided that actually matched our wedding colors better. Sixteen (16) rattan bags measuring 12†tall (not including 8†handles), 4†deep, and 13†wide. Ten (10) bags have pink lining with small yellow flamingos, one (1) bag has pink lining with small yellow polka dots, and five (5) bags have blue lining with lime green stripes. Each bag has small single pocket on inside. I would prefer to keep all sixteen bags together and will sell for $45, but I can split them up if needed and sell for $3.50 each. If you are interested please email me (erynn_2006@yahoo.com) <----thats an underscore in the address . Also if you would like an estimate on shipping, please include your zipcode.
  5. Real Touch Bouquets/Boutonnieres – Purchased from Etsy seller AlexisGraceDesigns. One Bridal bouquet and one bridesmaid’s bouquet of off-white peonies and gardenias and two matching boutonnieres with a single gardenia and twine wrapped stems. Bouquet stems wrapped in burlap with a twine overlay and a pearl tip pin accent down the burlap. Bridal bouquet measures 12†across and 13†tall with a 7†stem handle. Bridesmaid’s bouquet measures 9†across and 11†tall with a 6†stem handle. I would prefer to keep this order together and not break it up. Purchased for $250, asking for at least $130. These were crafted beautifully and are still in great condition. If you are interested please send me an email (erynn_2006@yahoo.com) <--- that is an underscore in the address . If you would like to have shipping estimated please include your zipcode.
  6. I'm usually pretty good at doing my own hair, except for when it comes to curling it and putting it in an updo. I thought for sure that I wanted an updo for our wedding because of the detail on the back of my dress. I scheduled a rehearsal hair appointment on the day before the wedding and I was pretty pleased with what my stylist created. She was even kind enough to restyle my hair before I left since we were all going out to dinner and I didn't want everyone to see my wedding day hair before the actual wedding. My actual hair appointment unfortunately did not go as well and right away I knew that I was unhappy. She used a lot of hair product and hairspray that made my hair look slicked back and greasy. It didn't look natural. For the rehearsal she had pinned curls along the nape of my neck and it looked so elegant. On the day of she pinned the curls differently and gave it a different shape that made it look more edgy. I had asked for two big braids along my hairline to lead into the curls but they were thin and the braid didn't start right at the part in my hair where I had asked them to be. I didn't have a rehearsal makeup session but did have my makeup done the day of. I asked for a natural look with just a touch of a smokey eye to make my eyes pop. The smokey eye ended up being real heavy and even after I asked her to blend it more it was just too dramatic. There was another bride there at the same time as me and I just loved her look. She looked so natural and beachy and I found myself envying her. The whole process took so long and I knew that if I had her change any of it I would barely have time to get back to my room and change before the ceremony started. When I got back to my room I pulled the braids and all of the bobby pins out of my hair and luckily the curls still looked beautiful so I teased my roots a little and pulled the curls back into a low ponytail. I also wiped off most of the eye shadow and reapplied with my own makeup to get the look I was going for. I was so disappointed that I didn't like my hair since I had read so many good reviews about the salon. I wish now that I would have scheduled my appointment earlier in the day and then I could have had more time to be vocal about my dislikes about the look. The other brides I saw during our stay looked so beautiful and my bridesmaid looked amazing, so I have no doubt that their salon is full of talented women...it just wasn't the best for me.
  7. My wedding has come and gone and now all of my leftover stuff must go too! It is taking up too much room in the spare bedroom and must go. I'm willing to bargain on all items except for the Real Touch bouquets. Send me your zip code and I will give you a shipping price. Email me, erynn_2006@yahoo.com for the quickest response. (16) Rattan Welcome Bags (12†high not including handle) – I purchased these on here from another DW bride but at the last minute decided to use reusable bags instead. 5 – blue/green stripes 10 – pink flamingo 1 – pink/yellow polka dots (not pictured) Paid $60 for all, asking $30. I would prefer to sell all of these together and not break them up. (1) Unopened Bag of Raffia (250 cu. In.) – Paid $5, asking $2. If you are buying another item I will throw this item in for free to the first person who asks. Real Touch Bouquets and Boutonnieres – (1) bridal bouquet, (1) bridesmaid bouquet, and (2) boutonnieres. I purchased these from Etsy seller alexisgracedesigns. I will not break up these items. Bridal bouquet – Off white peonies and gardenias with steams wrapped in burlap and accented with twine overlay. 12†wide x 13†tall with a 7†handle. Bridesmaid bouquet – Identical to bridal bouquet including burlap handle and twine overlay. Smaller in size; 9†wide x 11†tall with a 6†handle. Boutonnieres – Large and small gardenia with stems wrapped in twine. Paid $230, asking at least $180. I am not as willing to budge on this price because they are beautifully crafted and well worth the money. Bride and Groom Photo Album – Holds 200 4 x 6 photos. Paid $20, asking $10. (4) Flip Flop Crazy Straws – I had planned to use these for the cups in our welcome bags but they didn’t fit. Blue, yellow, pink, and purple, never been opened. Paid $2, will throw in for free to first person who asks and makes another purchase. Cluth – purchased from Etsy seller OC Styles. I was going to use this on the day of the wedding since Navy and Coral were our wedding colors but actually forgot to pack it J. Paid $30, asking $15. (23) Brown Paper Bag Envelopes – Used these to send out our save-the-dates. I used stamps to dress up the envelope as shown in the picture. Quantity does not include stamped envelope shown. Adhesive strip closure on back. Size #10 with square flap. Paid $40 for 50 envelopes, asking $15 for 23. (9) Royal Blue Lanyards with metal clip – Used for our room key/tip holders, everyone loved them! Paid $25 for 25, asking $5 for 9. (12) Water Proof Badge Holders – Used for our room key/tip holders. Paid $30 for 30, asking $5 for 12. (2) Elastic Coil Wrist Bands – Added to the room key/tip holders so our guests could carry them around their neck or on their wrist. Will throw in for free if you’re purchasing the other room key/tip holder supplies. (4) Spanish For Dummies Books – Big hit in our welcome bags! Paid $1 each but will throw in for free to first person who asks and buys another item. Bride and Groom Koozies – Fits a beer/wine cooler bottle, also forgot to pack these J Paid $10 for both, asking $5 for both. Bride and Groom Luggage Tags – Didn’t know we had to use specific luggage tags from our TA, so these never got used. Paid $15 for both, asking $10. 14. Tieing the Perfect Tie Sign - Paid $30, asking $15. 15. Thumbprint Guest Book Sign Frame/Stand - Dark wood stained frame with a black wrought iron stand. Does not match our house d ecor otherwise I'd just put a picture in it. I can leave the paper in it if needed. Paid $50 for both, asking $25. 16. Bride to Be Bachelorette Shot Glass Paid $20, asking $10.
  8. Hey ladies! I'm saddened to report that we're back home . Our ten days in paradise went by way too quickly! We had the most amazing time there and have no regrets on choosing EDR! We can't wait to go back for our anniversary next year! I promise to write up a big review this week after I get settled back into my normal routine, but I'll share some of our pictures with you in the meantime!
  9. We leave at 6:30 Wednesday morning ! mstigger- It's too bad you won't be there this Saturday, you could come watch our ceremony! We'll be there until the 21st too, maybe we'll run into each other. We'll be staying in a casita, but we do have guests staying on the royale side. We've been counting down this trip for many months so if you see a rowdy crowd from Indiana having a good time, that may be us After having my first dress ruined in alterations, I bought my second dress and I am happy to say that it now fits just the way I hoped it would! My to-do list seems to be growing even as I check items off of it! We still have to pick our ceremony music, finish packing, and run last minute errands. I almost don't want Wednesday to get here because I know that our time at EDR will go so quickly once we arrive
  10. I decided it was worth the extra money to buy another dress and called David's Bridal to put one on hold for me. I got on Ebay afterwards, honestly not expecting to even find my dress listed, and found that the only dress listed like mine just happened to be in my size! And even better, it was listed for $100 less than David's price and even included free shipping! That was my sign, so I'm anxiously awaiting it's arrival to my door! The dress isn't real big so taking two down and using the old one for a TTD session would work out good. Maybe I can get it cleaned up good enough to sell when we get home too! Thanks for the suggestions ladies Jillsepher - Any unexpected illness would be incredibly tough to deal with so close to your big trip, but I can't imagine how much harder it is when it's your vision! We take it for granted and never think of how tough it would be without it. Thank goodness for the timing! I'm glad to hear you are doing better...keep us updated! TheWolferts - Did they have false eyelahes at the salon when you got your wedding makeup done? I'm not sure wether to bring some from home or not. Also, what kind of sunscreen did you take and did you think it was enough? I've read reviews where people say only zinc oxide works in the Mexican sun but also have heard that regular SPF 30 is enough protection. I've bought both but I don't want to risk getting fried before the wedding !! We're down to three weeks before take off ! I think I can honestly say I've never been more excited for anything in my life! My FI and I have been on TripAdvisor.com reading people's reviews of the resort and looking at pictures they have posted. Some people really dog the resort but it makes you wonder if they're the kind of people who can never be pleased in life, and others offer really good tips and advice (like packing floats or rafts if you're staying in a swim up). Here is the link for the link for the casitas side: http://www.tripadvisor.com/Hotel_Review-g659488-d1720341-Reviews-or10-El_Dorado_Casitas_Royale_by_Karisma-Riviera_Maya_Yucatan_Peninsula.html#REVIEWS and here is the link for the royale side: http://www.tripadvisor.com/Hotel_Review-g659488-d574249-Reviews-El_Dorado_Royale-Riviera_Maya_Yucatan_Peninsula.html
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