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  1. We had our phone conference with Renee from miami last week. I know someone else posted regarding this and I am wondering what other people are getting told by their contact in miami. My fiance and I have been in contact with caribbean celebrations for decor and flowers. Got amazing quotes from them. I told Renee and she tells us that we have to submit all requests from external sources to her first and she will find out the prices. I asked her if they get a cut from the cost and she said no. However, I have a feeling that the prices will go up once Renee sees our quotes. Has anybody else been told this and if yes, has Miami raised the price after they see your quote from the outide company?
  2. deeSG, past and present brides of Palace resorts and they made a posting a couple weeks back stating that they have an agreement with the resort so you don't have to pay for a daypass. Well, I checked this morning and HDC posted that HRPC changed the rules and you now have to pay $500 for any outside vendor. Who else are you considering for your photographer? Does the hotel offer their own photographer and if so has anybody used them before?
  3. Is anybody able to confirm if it's true that you have to pay $500 if you use an outside photographer? I know HDC you don't but was wondering about Photosouvenir, cause I was thinking of booking for them. My wedding is in May 2013.
  4. i have been emailing and getting quotes from Caribbean Celebrations. I have a phone conference with Renee on May 8th...so should i not tell her that I am using Caribbean Celebrations? I don't have a contact for the hotel yet as my wedding is not until may 29 2013. Hmm..you had bad experiences with Renee?? She takes a long time to respond to emails. Was it a pain to switch? Which photographer are you using if you don't mind me asking?
  5. i thought if you use an outside vendor you just pay for a day pass??
  6. is anybody renting audio equipment for their reception? if yes, have you been told how much it costs for each additional hour?
  7. Can someone please tell me how you are flying to the resort if you are booking your room nights directly with the hotel? How much are they charging per room?
  8. I know someone posted earlier about if they you have to pay for a day pass for Caribbean Celebrations to enter the resort. I had an email from Angelica @ CC saying they are the hard rock's daily supplier so there is no fee to enter the resort. Just a set up and take down fee.
  9. Venus909 I LOVE your STD!! I can't open your template..can you email it to me with instructions pretty please??? catcher-10@rogers.com Thanks!
  10. hi there, I really like your designs and we are really interested in using these templates. could you email me these templates? my email is catcher-10@rogers.com Thank you so much!
  11. Wow I had no clue that u only could get the room nights promo if u booked via Miami. Isn't it more expensive then?? So you just book your flight seperatly ? Is this the only hotel that doesn't give the bride and groom a bonus for having their wedding there??? Anybody else told the same info about the 75 room nights??
  12. Okay ladies...I just spoke to the miami office AGAIN...and I was told that they just changed their computer systems and that is the reason why they are taking so long to respond to peoples requests. I was told that they are just processing Feb. 2013's. I wish I was told that the other 2 times that I called..lol. Anyways, it's not a great excuse but at least some sort of communication as to why they are not responding promptly.
  13. I'm curious as to why people are getting quoted for room rates via Miami...aren't you booking via a travel agent??
  14. smr6281, I can relate to what you are going through. I faxed my wedding request on March 5th. Marlyn told me that she would get back to me 24-48 hours. I emailed her on the 12th because I had yet to get a response back. I heard nothing. I called the miami office that week and left a voicemail for Marlyn. Never heard from her. I called and spoke to the booking department and they told me (i called on march 21) that someone would get back to me in a day or two. I called the miami office again on march 23, and told them that I am very concerned about my booking request and the lack of communication. They told me I would hear something by the end of the day. NOTHING!!! I am so frustrated and am worried that we will not get our date and time due to the lack of communication which is not my fault. Finally, my travel agent told me to contact Renee at the Miami office. I emailed her and hope that she will be able to better assist me. They seriously need to tighten up this end of their business or they will lose future clients.
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