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  1. Hi guys, I need contact info for someone at Fiesta. Please help. Packages, email, etc... @Mattcock- your wedding looked amazing! Congrats!!!!
  2. @TropicLover- I was thinking of booking the photographers a room. It would come out less expensive than $460. Can we do that? @CamilaS- Of coarse I will post all my pics on here when I return! It's so exciting we will be planning for the same time frame!
  3. @CamilaS-- I am getting married at OCT June 22, 2013. I am actually leaving this coming Monday to Preview the resort. I have read every post on this forum and the feedback just gets more and more positive as the days go on....! So excited! @AnaS--Hello fellow Chicagoan! I will be down there but I will not be able to peak in on your wedding we leave Thursday : ( I will be meeting with Ana on Monday, as to not take one moment away from you... wishing you the best!!
  4. Sorry AwayWeGo, a few more questions-- how many lanterns did you need? did you buy light up one? LED? Battery? How many? Did you have to buy extra hanging material? Size? THanks a million again!
  5. Thank you! AwayWeGo-- I was wondering what size the lanterns were that you bought for the reception? Do you recommend anywhere that offers good prices? My email is serenity1921@hotmail.com So many little details. Thanks for answering. It is such a big help!
  6. Away we go-- I see in the pictures that you had the lanterns hanging above. Did you bring those down? Did the resort provide those at a fee? How much? YOUR WEDDING LOOKED AMAZING--CONGRATS!
  7. Congrats ladies, can't wait to here about all your experiences. I booked my site visit for Memorial day weekend. It all seems so real now. I will take a million pictures when I go an upload. Still a bit away but super excited. I too would like to know the hotel DJ experience.. Thanks!
  8. What shoes are the headline shoes? Where can I buy them? Those stilletos are amazing!
  9. Hello Everyone, I am new = ) and completely stressed = ( My fiance and I thought we had our resort almost set with Barcelo Maya but then we starting having second thoughts. I do not know how I came across OCT but it looks amazing. I see that there is 110 pages of threads that I can look through, which of coarse overwhelms me again but, if there is one questions I can start with it's... how do I get a hold of someone (WC) for OCT? Please help... Julie
  10. Congrats to everyone on board! I am torn between Barcelo and OCT....help. I can't fint pictures and I am so concerned about the reviews that say that it smells musty. I think the resort looks gorgeous and the wedding packages seem affordable. I would love to see and hear about anyone who has information. Thanks and Congrats again to everyone!
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