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  1. I am also getting married Feb 2013 on the 20th to be exact. How have your wedding plans been going?
  2. We were given the same quote through Transat. They told us that between February and March is the most expensive time (high season) to go down to Mexico becasue it is reading week/spring break.
  3. Welcome! How exciting someone else from Edmonton getting married at the colonial/palace. My fiance and I are getting married on Feb 20, 2013. Happy Planning!!
  4. We have Victoria. have you already started planning with Xhail? We havent really started planning anything yet.
  5. Well we have decided to go with the tangerine sunset package. We are anticipating to have anywhere between 80-120 people. We were able to book our vacation package and give a booking number to the resort. We have had about 15 people put in a deposit already. Do you have a wedding coordinator from the resort yet? Quote: Originally Posted by ANGELA2013 We decided to keep it simple and go with the mint breeze package, we are only having around 20 guests so we thought that would be perfect. What about you? Have you been able to book your vacation package yet? my travel agent said that w can't until August but we can put like $150 down per person and get a booking number to give the resort and then we select our package in August.
  6. Hello.. Congratulations! I am also getting married at the Barcelo Maya Palace in 2013. Have you set your date? Happy Planning!
  7. Awesome! How exciting. Have you decided on a wedding package yet?
  8. I love the shoes everyone has been posting.. I fell in love with these on a trip to NYC.. They fit like a glove.
  9. Thank you!! Congratulations to you also! We have set our date, it's going to be on February 20th. Have you set your date?
  10. I'm a newbie from Edmonton, AB my fiance and I are also planning our wedding at the Barcelo Maya Palace for Feb 2013.
  11. My fiance and I have set our date. We are getting married Feb 2013. I have a lot of reading up to do on this amazing thread.. Does anyone know if anyone on this thread has chosen the Tangerine Sunset package? I would like to know what reception venues were offered with this package.
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