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  1. We did exactly that too and my Fiances are a little big on the waist too! We measured him and used his best fitting jeans and copied the measurements following the step by step instructions on the order page. Perfect!
  2. Hi, I could only find sand ceremony kits online from America or on Etsy but the shipping and customs were crazily expensive.There were a couple of heart shaped vases on stands on ebay. I bought 2 small glass heart jars and a large matching one from TK Maxx (a lucky find) and am going to put our initials on them in glass paint and we are using the sand from the beach! Hope you source what you are looking for :-)
  3. Hi the best way to contact jasmine's bridal is via facebook initially. Search jasmine yang. Their email address is jasminestailorshop@gmail.com two web addresses www.JasminesBridalShop.com www.JasminesTailorShop.com hope that helps! Vicky
  4. Wow that pink dress is stunning! Looks like you will have a beautiful replica congratulations :-)
  5. Here are the dresses I hade replicated by Jasmine's: The first is inspired by Maggie Sottero Reese The second Maggie Sottero Cooper The bridesmaid dress Alyce designs The evening gown Dina Bar El
  6. Hi Hun have you lookes at jasmines bridal facebook page ....search" jasmine yang" there are pics of similar dresses and the skirt fabric is much better quality than in either of the pics you posted from the other companies. good luck with your replica xx
  7. Hi Hun, so disappointed for you! We ordered my Fiance's suit from Studio Suits and have been delighted with the results and fit and I only measured him myself. I guess something went horribly wrong for you as far as them making the trousers up. Have you contacted them directly to sort it out? Harry seemed very keen to maintain good customer service. We had an email from them just this morning asking them to review the suit we received from them. I hope you can get the problem resolved quickly as it must be so stressful. Vicky
  8. Hi I am a UK bride getting married in UK this summer but having a wedding blessing on the beach in South Africa on October 30th 2012. Anyone else having a South African wedding?
  9. Our order only took a couple of weeks. Can't help on the colour sorry as we went for white.
  10. My Fiances white linen suit and shirt arrived this morning. Fantastic quality and a great fit (a little generous on the waist). Super quick too. Very happy, thank you to this forum and thread as we would never have found anything like this in the UK. I am amazed how crease free it was on arrival too. Suit and shirt for under £100!!
  11. I love number 2! If you have a good waist and some curves it will look amazing :-)
  12. Civil Ceremony in the UK August 19th 2012 Wedding on the beach in South Africa October 30th 2012!!
  13. Maggie Sottero Cassia from a few years ago, now discontinued. Very beautiful!
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