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  1. Ladies! I am back, and I am MARRIED! See my full review and photos here: http://www.bestdestinationwedding.com/products/aventura-spa-palace-all-inclusive/reviews/6619 Message or comment here with questions!
  2. (thanks, sxcT!) LADIES. FORMER BRIDES. HELP! Does anyone have a PDFmap of the aventura cove/spa resort ground? I have asked for this from my WC, but she has been noticeably absent for the past week... No answers for any of my questions. I leave a week from today and am trying to put together a full map with stars on it for each of our locations. Any help would be SO appreciated! Thank you! (ps private message me, and I will give you my email address...)
  3. Hey ladies! I am 15 days from my wedding, and 12 days from arriving at ACP!!!! So my fiancée and I had a thought last night. We have our reception dinner on the maracas inlet from 6-8pm. Will it be really dark? Are we supposed to provide lighting? Thoughts from past brides???
  4. JJurkovich, I would LOVE the information on your florist! Please, pass it along! Banetza has been lovely and a great help to me. Hope she's been the same for you! When is your wedding? I will definitely be back with photos etc after the fact. We're so excited! I found the information on the shows somewhere on the palace resort website. Couldn't tell you exactly... BUT i can send you my full itinerary which has a lot of the information? pop me a DM with your email and I'll send you what I have. YAY!
  5. Thanks! Question for you, ladies who have provided your own music: We're hesitant to pay the $400 for a speaker and mic for our reception dinner... Have any of you ladies forgone that and provided your own speakers and ipod? I'm thinking of bringing a Bose portable speaker along. Will that be loud enough? We have 38 people total, and will be using it on the Cove Terrace (cocktails) and the Maracas Terrace (dinner). Let me know your thoughts on this? Thanks! Abby, your favorite neurotic bride
  6. Ladies! I'm 30 Days AWAY! Losing my mind. Clearly. So here's where we're at right now. I'm literally faxing a signed proposal for my private events to Banetza (my WC) as we speak--- Wednesday 10/17 We arrive (along with just a couple of guests). Meet with WC. Lounge. Quiet dinner with friends. Thursday 10/18 The majority of guests arrive. 4-8PM informal welcome pool party / cocktails & hors d'oevres 8PM informal group dinner (reservation @ Mundaca) Friday 10/19 The rest of the guests arrive. Daytime- probably an excursion? dolphins, or into playa del carmen. 6PM Informal group cocktail party @ Pandero Terrace 7PM to the lobby for the Mexican Fiesta 8PM Rehearsal/Full Welcome Dinner @ the Mundaca Inlet Saturday 10/20 Gym, Spa in the AM, Massage, hot tub Lunch & Champagne in our suite while we get ready 3PM Wedding Party arrives @ Coba Gazebo 3:45 Guests arrive 4PM Ceremony - My friend is playing guitar for the ceremony - We are also bringing our own officiant 5PM Cocktail Hour @ Cove Terrace - Music: iPod and our own Bose Speaker 6PM Reception Dinner @ Maracas Terrace - Music: same, iPod & speaker - Decor: We're thinking we'll pick some flowers when we arrive, and we'll bring tea candles, flower petals, and table runners. - Favor/Decor: Our place cards are our favors- they are a framed photo of us with each wedding guest. 8-10:00 Recuperate, Get some nighttime photos of the couple, Change Clothes, put babies to bed, see the 9PM Breakdance show @ Andromeda 10-1 Dance Party @ Andromeda Disco Sunday 10/21 Informal Goodbye Brunch We'll be staying until Wednesday, when we transfer to the Fairmont Mayakoba Playa Del Carmen for our final days in Mexico. So crazy! What else should I be thinking about? We have ~38 guests, including an 8 year old and a newborn, and my fiancee's Mormon family (we are not Mormon). So we've been working to ensure that mock-tails are at every party, sparkling wine for toasts, etc.
  7. Hey ladies! Do any of you recent ACP brides know which of the private areas have a set up fee, and which you can use without a fee? I'd love to not get my heart set on something and then find out I need to shell out $250 just to use it. LAME. Thanks! -Abby
  8. Thank you! You are a lifesaver. I will be on top of things with my WC (who I think already is avoiding me like the plague because of my onslaught of questions and requests) and post all that I know for the rest! Also, another question for you guys- We got our booking list from our WC, and it looks like we have more room nights than we had originally thought. Now it looks like we have 76, but 2 of those are for 2 night stays. Did anyone ever get them to make an exception and combine smaller night stays together to get to your unlimited private functions? We will buy the 3rd night for our guests if that's what it takes... Thanks!
  9. Ladies! Hi! My wedding is at ACP on October 20th (OMG that is really soon...) and I am in almost-bridezilla mode with my WC. Lots of questions, not a lot of answers. So I turn to you, you lovely brilliant women. Some questions: - Does anyone have the email address to book salon services in advance? I'd love to use this, as well as pass it along to guests - Can you book excursions using your resort credit in advance? If so, I'd love an email address or protocol for this as well. - Were any of your guests golf nuts? I'd love to get my golf men some information on where to go, tee times, and if they can use resort dollars. - Cake? They say that the cake in the wedding package is for 30 people only- do any of you have sample size photos you can share? Will they work with your wedding colors? - Did any of you try to get all of your guests together for an informal (read: not-paid-for) rehearsal dinner? we are using our complimentary private function for the reception (only have 67-69 room nights... grrrrrr) and would love to not pay for a dinner at an all-inclusive (seems redundant to me). How did you go about this? Could you request it in advance? - Rather than booking a private cocktail function, could we all just crash one of the bars? Is there room? What's the protocol there? - Did any of you do live-streaming? Do you think we could use the WiFi and do it ourselves? Yes. Please forgive me. I am in full on, control freak zone. Any guidance or Xanax you can give will be appreciated. Thanks!! Always, Abby
  10. Chase! Can I have that email address to book spa services in advance? Your review has been a lifesaver so far. Thank you! Best, Abby
  11. @Deniden this is brilliant! Would you possibly help those of us who are not so inclined make one of those lanyards for our own event?? Please? XOXOX Abby (soon-to-be married in october 2012!)
  12. FYI, this is the first I've heard of this. I have a 10/20/12 wedding and am kind of horrified... I don't know what to do, we put down our $2400 down payment and I don't want my wedding to be at a tacky rock hotel....
  13. Hi beautiful brides! Question for you -- do any of you have a grounds map / layout of the aventura spa/cove that you can email? I'm trying to put together welcome bags for my guests and want to print it out along with our itinerary. Also, do any of you have a list of possible wedding locations and reception locations? I'd love to see those too. Thanks in advance! XOXO Bride-To-Be Abby
  14. This is a review of:

    Aventura Spa

    Aventura Spa / Cove Wedding - Picture Perfect October 20, 2012

    Pros: locations, pools, food on the SPA side, swim-up bar, generosity/kindness to all guests and family
    Cons: difficult to communicate when not on-site, have not received $$ back
    Photos: www.robinroemer.com/abby-and-lani-wedding-giveaway   My now-wife and I had the most amazing wedding at Aventura Spa / Cove Palace. We stayed on the Spa side, as did about half of our guests, but all of our events were on the Cove side to accomodate the 3 children who were attending. The entire staff were accepting of our non-traditional marriage, fairly easy to work with, and what they delivered was pretty exceptional. We highly recommend this option for a budget-friendly wedding t
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