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  1. Hi Kisha, Congratulations! I too luuuuuv Rebecca, she did everything for us...Invites, luggage tags, monograms, programs, and menu's.. I did magnets for the save the dates - which I sent out before I was lucky enough to find her. She is the best!
  2. Lady Bugg, We chose the Aqua package because it was a sit down dinner. We changed the colors to match our color scheme. You need to contact Perla directly and provide her with ideas on what your decor vision is like, and explain exactly what you will need for the wedding party and event, she is a dream to work with. I emailed her several times with pics and ideas. She will give good recommendations based on your budget. Keep in mind flowers are expensive in Mexico. I chose the Mexican calilies and they were beautiful. We used them for the bridesmaids bouquets and for the centerpieces which were cylinders with calilies and a candle. Lastly, the resort is definately pricey but worth it. Some of our guest complained about the price, and some could not afford to make the trip, but trust me, for those that did, they said it was definately worth the money. Congratulations and best wishes!
  3. mrsreimonenq: No worries on the questions...Believe me I was stressed about the wedding until the actual event: 1) Blue Lens - We picked 3 hours and a CD of all pics - The package was $1500. Honestly, I wish I had gotten 5 hours. I originally thought 3 hours was going to be enough, but it would have been nice to have more pics. Also, we wish we had gotten a videographer. That would have been worth it. 2) Yes, we walked around La Perla and it is beautiful. Originally, I wanted La Palapa, however, because of the heat and the misquitos I opted for Hadar. And, I don't regret it at all. It was a better choice for us, everyone loved it and best of all it was private. Also, with the cigars, the guys were able to step outside by the bar and smoke. I think you need to check on what the weather will be like for your wedding that will help you decide. 3) Cigar roller/extras - The cigar roller was about $300, you book all of the extras through Paradisus, they coordinate all of it for you. When you work with Veronica she will provide you menu options, the cost for the DJ, flowers, and other extras like a rose petal aisle. When you get to about 45 days before the wedding, they will send you a final invoice for payment so by the time you get there, everything is already done. 4) Fireworks - I love the idea of fireworks and Dorremixx has an option for cold fireworks that can be done indoors, however, Paradisus doesn't allow it. We wanted to light chinese lanterns on the beach after the reception but they told me they would not allow it. Honestly, I feel as though if we just brought them and went down to the beach instead of asking it would have been fine. I hope you can arrange fireworks with them. 5) RSVP - We requested RSVP's by May 1 for our July 7 wedding. Honestly, I did not give the resort a final headcount until 2 weeks before because we had some last minute changes. The resort was very flexible on everything. Just ask for what you want. 6) Rehearsal dinner - One thing you didn't ask about but need to arrange is your rehearsal dinner. They have options for a private dinner which costs extra, I think they quoted me $35 per person. Or, you can do a semi private at one of the other restaurants, they will tell you they accomodate up to 20 ppl, but I would say negotiate with them. If you've booked a lot of rooms (we booked 14 rooms) they should be able to work with you. We booked Vento after much negotiating
  4. Hi, Sorry for the late post here...back to work and craziness. Thank you very much for the compliment. Congratulations! I'm sure your special day will be just as perfect. As for your questions: 1) Flowers - I gave Perla a list of everything I wanted; so bridesmaid bouqets, bouts for the groomsman plus my uncle and dad, corsages for the moms, 4 centerpieces, and rose petal aisle..all of that was around $650. 2) Extra's - They did not charge me for anything extra for set up as decor is included in your package. BTW, I brought fans with programs attached, menus, moracas, and a cake topper. We purchased the Aqua package, but didn't want the Aqua color scheme as my colors were coral, sand, brown, and gold. They simply revised the colors at no charge. We paid extra for the cigar roller, and additional people as Aqua only covers 24 people and we had 34. 3) Weather/bugs - 5 pm on the Bridge was fine during the ceremony, there is actually a breeze but because it's July (rainy season in Mexico) it was HUMID. BUT --- Very important, The resort is sorrounded by a mangroove, the mesquito's were out in FULL force during our stay (we were there for 9 days)! Trust me...it was bad. I wish I had put mesquito repelent in my OOT gift bags... I think you will need to check what the weather is normally like in May. Hope this helps....I added a few more pics below..
  5. Hi, I purchased the following: coil key ring for the room key/money holder tissues for the guests during the ceremony water guns Funny thing, would you believe the water guns were the most popular item in the guest bags, they were all squirting each other...who knew..LOL
  6. Hi, Sorry this review is late, this is a long one.......We got married at Paradisus La Esmeralda on 7-7-12 and it was absolutely everything I hoped for and more. When we booked our wedding in July 2011, we were the FIRST couple to book a wedding at the resort in Playa Del Carmen sight unseen and still under construction! It was the best decision we made. If your considering this resort, trust me, you have nothing to worry about. Work with VERONICA at Paradisus head office in Miami. Once you arrive, your on sight team of wedding planners; Ana and Myrna are wonderful, just explain your vision and let them help you make it into a reality. So, here are some tidbits about the wedding: First, the resort itself is absolutely beautiful, the rooms are spacious, clean, and modern and the service is outstanding. From the moment we arrived and throughout our stay everyone was super friendly, courteous, and helpful. Our room was upgraded to a swim up suite, but we decided we liked the master suite better so we simply switched rooms - no problem. Our family and friends loved it. Everyone was given wrist bands that identified that they were a group attending a wedding and we, Bride and Groom, were given white and silver ones, so everywhere we went at the resort, people would wish us well and pretty much give us whatever we asked for. Everyone was treated like VIPs the entire time. The food........wait until you taste the food... Delish with a capital D. Bana, The Market, and Vento were our favorites. Even at our wedding, my husband and his groomsman requested two entrees and they got them, no problem at all. Wedding package - AQUA 1) Hair and Makeup - Included in the package, I only got makeup done, Veronica did an outstanding job, it lasted and I didn't look like a stranger in the mirror - too overdone. It was me, just an improved version and I liked that, she had all name brand makeup, I was concerned, but no worries, she has it all. 2) Ceremony - On the Gabi Bridge leading to the beach at 5 pm. Cocktail hour at 6 pm and dinner/dancing 7-10. 3) Flowers/decor - Perla at Alquimia - For some reason fresh flowers are expensive in Mexico, but work directly with Perla and she will work with you..Make sure you have an idea of what you want, send pics. Give her an idea of your budget and all you want included and she will work her magic. 4)Cocktail Hour/Reception - Held in Hadar. Perfect location - Private and air conditioned, it was very hot outside and the mosquito's were out in full force. I brought programs, fans, menus, and maracas with me, incorporated all of them. Note: I was re-thinking the maracas but in the end very glad I brought them with me so I didn't need to worry about going into town to buy them and negotiating...one less thing to worry about. All of our guests enjoyed them. 5) Photographer - Blue Lens - Martina is great to work with. Pics came out great, just wish I had time to take more of them 6)DJ - We used an off site vendor - DJ Dorrimixx - Elio was a ROCK STAR, he kept everyone on the dance floor and even gave out props which everyone loved. I chose Dorrimixx because of pricing and their 5 our schedule, they handled the music from the ceremony through cocktail hour and reception. 7) Cigar roller - I am so glad that we did this, everyone loved the cigars, we paid for 1 hour and 30 cigars and we had none left! Well worth the $ 8) After party held at the Lobby Bar, we pretty much took it over as there is not much going on at the resort after 10 pm. DJ in the lobby played whatever we wanted until 2 am. Here are a few pics...Top is Ana and Myrna - My heroes! Second is me and Hubby, I will add a few professional pics shortly.
  7. Hi, My bridesmaid dresses are from Two Birds and I'm pairing them with gold, sand, and brown.
  8. Hi, There is a vendor on Etsy called Say Anything Design...They have wedding departure sparklers, I think it's $70 for 100 sparklers, but don't quote me. Good luck and congratulations!
  9. Hi Ladies, Do you have room for one more? I would love to join you ladies. I live and work in the city so just let me know where and what time. Looking forward to meeting you.
  10. Hi, I must say I am a huge fan of Etsy, I purchased the following: 1) Invitations - Allurements by Rebecca 2) Bridal Shower tiffany themed giftboxes - abbeyandizziedesigns 3) Unity sand ceremony frame - Say Anything design 4) Reception handbag - Powder Blue Bijoux 5) NY Knicks garter 6) Hankies for Mom and Dad - Embroidery by Cathy 7) Cake topper from - Have 2 Have it A few pics from the Etsy site.....
  11. Be warned: You will have people you least expect at the last minute tell you their not attending. My wedding is in 6 weeks and I just received a response card from one of my closest friends saying she's not attending. Very disappointing! And quite honestly I don't understand. You just need to let it roll off your back. Oh and let me not forget the family members who do nothing but complain about the cost. My point is people will let you down during this process. Expect it and try not to let it get you down, focus on your special day with your special man. Good luck!
  12. Hi Inna, Thank you so much. I just confirmed our ceremony will be on the bridge leading to the beach and I have booked the Gazebo next to the pool for our reception. I am bringing my own photographer but will need to use their DJ and florist. The fees for outside vendors are ridiculous. We have a Mariachi for the rehearsal dinner and a cigar roller for the cocktail hour. Keeping my fingers crossed that everything goes according to plan. Just one more question, I noticed a beautiful rose petal curtain behind your sweetheart table, can you share the cost for that? Thank you and once again congratulations! p.s. I too have Veronica and she is wonderful to work with
  13. Hi Connie, Congratulations! I can't wait to see and read all about your wedding experience at Paradisus inm June. My wedding is scheduled 7/7/2012 and I am still in the planning stages. I'm sure it will be fantastic. All the best. Keysha
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