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  1. Where do you ladies shop for the chair sashes and starfish? I'd love to have decorations like it, but I don't know where to go and shop.
  2. I often search for 'victoria's secret exercise' on google and see the images to remind myself what I want, (lol) or visit blogs like this http://undressedskeleton.tumblr.com/mystory This is really helpful too. http://undressedskeleton.tumblr.com/dietplan I use several different exercise videos and also doing running and weights at the gym so I don't get bored or lose motivations.
  3. Knowing the guide's name is the key!! Thanks for letting us know and thanks for such a great review. I was also hesitating to get the eyelash extensions, but now I have the answer. Thanks!
  4. This is a great review! I will definitely look in to Lomas Travel for the transportation, for airport - hotel - airport, but also for the tour! Maybe I will be able to combine Chi-chen Itza and Xel-ha together or so for 40 guests. Thanks for the review!
  5. This is such an amazing review that everyone who plans to do a Catholic ceremony not only in south but everywhere! I am heading to the Royal PDC but this is so helpful, to picture everything the ceremony I am going to have before the departure. Thanks you so much! God bless you all
  6. My only concern with my grandparent is the health insurance and its options, not the safety. I am researching insurances for my grandparent, because some doesn't allow to purchase for people over certain age. Mexico should work hard to improve their image. Although my guests are also concerning about the safety and say they wouldn't leave the resort for any excursions, I know once they get there, they will know that the tourists sites are safe.
  7. Hi Amanda To get to know the resort, you have to do some research by yourself to know inside out. I recommend to check the followings: 1. the resort's official website: http://www.realresorts.com/The-Royal-Playa-Carmen/ ------------> this will answer your questions about the size, look and activities 2. trip advisor's website: http://www.tripadvisor.com/Hotel_Review-g150812-d530483-Reviews-The_Royal_Playa_del_Carmen-Playa_del_Carmen_Yucatan_Peninsula.html ----------------> you can check photos without photoshopping, updated by travelers. helps you the good & bad by reading the reviews 3. read over this tread from page 1. This will take you forever, but it may be the shortest way to find answers that will pop up in the future anyway. I'm also planning to do excursions with the guests. In my previous experiences, the airline who sold the vacation package to you (ie., delta, aircanada, sunquest, air transat, etc ) will tell you the time (usually the next morning) to meet the representative of their own company at the lounge area. The rep will explain all the excursions and the prices. I will contact the airline once I choose the vacation package months before the departure, so that I can reserve the excursion for everyone. If you search for 'excursions' in the forum, you will find some reliable websites that allows you to purchase excursions online. Good luck.
  8. I bookmarked the website for shoes. They look awesome! Keep us posted on your order! Thanks!!
  9. I was going to do my make up, but maybe I should do a trial a few days before, considering the spa was almost empty. Thank you for sharing. This post is awesome although this thread stopped last year.
  10. But again, I only look at their photos for 5 minutes, and so I may be really wrong. Those photographers are awesome in their own reasons. Sounds random, but feel the vibe! Good luck!
  11. For me, I am torn between doing an OOT bag and buying everyone an excursion so that we all can go on a trip together. It is more money for sure, considering an excursion per person would be around $50-70 (chichen itza tour), but the guests came all the way spending more than a thousand dollars, and I think buying them an excursion can be a better gift. I may go for a simple OOT bag, such as one SPF lipbalm and a wrist key chain with a thank you card.
  12. Choosing a photographer IS tricky, but I suggest you to keep looking at their portfolio until you get the vibe from photos. For me, I asked the photographers to come with us because I loved all of their work, literally. I took a short look at some wedding photos of each photographers you listed, and their photos feel differently. It may be just me, but Citlalli Rico feels more reflective than Sasha (for some of them). Based on my quick observations, I will go with Rico if I look for quieter wedding photos, and I will go with Sasha if I want loudness and noisiness in my photos. Claudia uses more stable angles (vs. Rico's are more for arrange objects in unusual positions in one angle). Once you choose a photographer, it's also important talk about the mood and feeling that you are looking for in your wedding photos. I think that's more important than choosing one when you know you can't really go wrong with any from your list. Good luck!
  13. I can feel the excitement! They all look great. Where/how did you print the circular sticker? Did you order it online or was able to do it at home? Thank you!
  14. Hi Kelly Great work! (and I like your nails too How/where did you get the map? Did you find one from google search? Thank you!
  15. Hi Lili! Congrats on your engagement! I am also recently engaged, but came up with a place for the ceremony almost on the second day. The first website I checked was Tripadvisor.com. They recently released Travelers' Choice 2012, with different categories: best all inclusive; best beach; best hotels for romance, etc. (http://www.tripadvisor.com/TravelersChoice) I checked each list so that I don't miss anything. Our families were deciding whether we should do adventurous environment to entertain the guests (i.e., Costa Rica, drinking with monkeys) or good looking environment for the best photos (i.e., Cancun/Punta Cana). Well, you're already deciding between two places and so I suggest you to search the areas on tripadvisor, and see the hotels in the areas you're looking for. The website lists hotels in a rank based on the visitors' vote with photos, so I reviewed top 10s to 20s. I concentrated on reviewing how weddings were run by searching " [area/hotel name] wedding" which gave me the wedding reviews as well. If you get some idea where you'd like to go, go to the travel websites (i.e., itravel2000.com, expedia.com, etc.) and search an approximate date close to your ceremony (or a random day) so that you have an idea how much all-inclusive package will be. Like the price? go to the hotel's website --> check the wedding package, photos of weddings and the price with options. Like the package? come back to BDW and search the reviews. Ladies on this website are very helpful and amazing. You still like the reviews on BDW? google "[area or hotel's name] wedding photos" and check wedding photographers' portfolios in their blogs. You like the photos? Call the hotel and check the availability (or you can check it on their website for some of them) Available? Make a reservation, or put it on your list of possible hotels. For us, my fiance liked Banyan Tree for its luxurious facility, but the price was out of reach for us, our families and friends at the moment, and therefore changed the hotel. We were struggling to decide between [a ceremony at a gazebo (at the Royal)] and [all of our guests get ocean-view room (at Playacar Palace]. So I suggest to go back to your priorities to choose a place if you ever struggling from deciding. Hope this helps! Have fun planning.
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