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  1. We'll be at resort Oct 24-29th, 2012. Anyone getting married as well during this time?
  2. Our budget is very small and we need enough food to fill people at dinner time. Any help is appreciative..
  3. Need an artistic photographer that is very reasonably priced for an October 2012 wedding!! Budget is very tight but I want pics that are beautiful. Any recommendations?
  4. My wedding is at the end of Oct 2012. Anyone else getting married during this time? We are only having a total of 14 is it possible to just do a dinner in a specialty restaurant? Which one would you recommend? Is the table cloth included or would we need one bring one with us? Does anyone know what day of the week and time the Resorts fire show is? What are items that are must haves to be brought? We are trying to keep this as simple and cheap as possible.
  5. sorry here is my correct email address: himalayan135@yahoo.com thanks!!
  6. What was the cost of your wedding here without the resort stay for 20-30 guests? I want to book at this hotel but need to get an idea of price before I book. Does anyone have a price sheet as well they could send me himayalayan135@yahoo.com Thanks!!
  7. If you do not speak any Spanish is this an issue at all inclusive resorts??? I am torn between punta cana and Jamaica for our 2012 wedding and need to make a decision.. it will be a legal wedding as well. I prefer the ceremony to be in English only..
  8. I need one that I can earn the most air miles in less then a year... Any help is appreciated.
  9. Trying to plan a wedding in Fall 2012 and need to find all inclusive resort on a beautiful beach for around $100/person/night or close to that. My guests cannot afford $250/night resorts. PLease help me.. I would like to hear from people who have had weddings at a resort like this or have been to one. Thanks GG
  10. does anyone have know of any hotels that are within this price range in these areas? thanks GG
  11. need help with wedding planning and finding a resort that my guests(10-20) can afford as the flight is going to be about $500. Thanks! GG
  12. I am looking for an all inclusive hotel on a beautiful beach(clear water) with entertainment throughout the day. will have 10-20 guests and need it to be around $100/person per night for 3-4 nights. My guests cannot afford $250/night hotels. I am flexible on wedding month as long as its sept, oct, or Nov 2012. Some kids are okay, but I prefer one with more adults. Please help! I am also in NC if that helps for air travel too. some excursions would be nice as well. Thanks GG
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