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  1. Just a quick question! Do we have to supply place cards for seating at the dinner? Or do they make those up for you... We leave in 4 days!
  2. Hi guys, i know this question has probably been asked a hundred times, but I couldnt find an answer just browsing through. I want to have a white aisle runner for the Akumal hammocks location and I am wondering if they have something like that down there, or if i should bring it? How much fabric would I need if I were to bring it? Thank so much! We leave in less than a month!!
  3. Does anyone know if the all-inclusive food and drinks are 24hr at GBP Akumal? I noticed something on the webiste saying drinks until 11:30, does that mean if you go out to the bar past 11:30 you have to pay?
  4. Hey, just a question for those doing a rehersal dinner. Are you doing it with all your wedding guests or just the wedding party? If its just the wedding party do significant others join aswell?
  5. Thanks! Im gonna check out MVP! My hair style that I want is fairly simple, i just dont really want to risk trying to do it myself and messing it up. Plus the less to worry about the better!
  6. I am really undecided on wether to go with the spa for my hair. I have heard such mixed reveiws about them, it scares me! I would love to not have to worry about my own hair on my wedding day but i am also very picky, so it could amount to a lot of unneeded stress! Has anyone had any luck with bringing in a picture?
  7. Thanks for the itinerary aswell! On the bright side, atleast with a 1pm wedding there is lots of time for pictures! And maybe even alittle downtime (probably not ). Do we have to book a time with the salon or does the WC do that?
  8. Thank you Rachael! I recieved the flower brochure. Unfortunately I didnt see anything I was too crazy about. They definately need to update it! Have any past brides out there had a 1pm wedding? I am really worried about the heat. I picked out my dress before we had a set time and its not exactly a "beach wedding" dress haha. How did you guys find the heat?
  9. Hey would anyone be able to email me the brochure with the flower bouquet selection in it? Ive been waiting over 2 weeks to hear back from my WC, and I am getting impatient haha. My wedding is 2 months away and I would love too be able to check one more thing off the list! My email is genapetrick@hotmail.com . I would greatly appreciate it!!
  10. Hi everyone! My name is Gena and I’ve just discovered this forum a few weeks ago and I’m soo glad i did! I am having my wedding at the GBP Akumal on May 11th, 2012, so very soon! I’ve been up super late on a few nights reading through all the pages and now i feel a lot better with all the information packed here! I’ve been "patiently" waiting for responses from the WC, but as many of you have said, they do not respond very quickly. I just have a few questions for you ladies that I didn’t see (or may have missed) in the forum. We are getting married at the hammock location at Akumal and i am trying to pick out shoes, but im unsure what to do. I would love to wear heels but im worried about the digging in the sand factor. Did anyone have this problem? Also, we were thinking about having the guitar trio play during our ceremony, but im not sure if they do that? If they do, would they play wedding type songs, or just kind of do their own thing? We are going with the poolside cocktail party after our dinner at the Mediterranean restaurant, im wondering anyone recommends bringing extra decorations, or if it looks nice the way they do it? Lastly we are having our wedding at 1pm (only available spot) and I am worried about the heat. Has anyone had any experience with that time? Thanks so much, I look forward to hearing from you guys!
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