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  1. Don't be nervous about anything girl, It will be amazing! I promise!! Jacki kept telling me that & it was driving me crazy but she was so right. They do so many weddings that u feel ignored sometimes but I couldn't have asked for more. Just a note to all the ladies too, keep in mind I'm a pretty easy-going person & I was just happy to be marrying my bestie, but we used the resorts photographer & she was fantastic! We also used the resorts DJ & he was great too. The pics we got are drop-dead amazing, which is a miracle because we are both sooo un-photogenic lol! If you wanna ask anything just let me know
  2. I wanted callas too & they are pretty expensive but apparently they do have local flowers called cannon lillies which looked exactly the same to me
  3. I don't think the guests will go straight to the reception area, they'll probably head to one of the bars or go back to their rooms to freshen up etc. Out of 42 people all together I think almost 30 of them are family so some time or other we'll need them for pics!
  4. We're going to skip the cocktail hour (seeing that we're at an all inclusive & over 1/2 our guests will be getting pictures with us anyway) so the resort is giving us an extra hour at the reception! Anyone else doing that??
  5. Hey ladies! I've read a lot of complaints about the cost of the DJ & I have to say I totally agree. I'm actually a wedding DJ in BC, Canada so I emailed Jacki & told her, no offence, but $220/hr was preposterous lol! She got back to me right away & offered me a discounted price of $500 for the whole wedding, ceremony & reception!! Now I might be a little bit biased here, but a having a DJ can make a wedding go from good to AMAZING so I think $500 is totally worth it. Just sayin, hope this helps some of u beauties xo
  6. Hey Kristee! How lucky are we to get your inside scoop?!! Thank you for your willingness to help I have 3 questions for you... 1) Is there somewhere in town that I could venture out to & buy my own tiki torches for my reception? 2) Is there a local florist in Puerto Aventuras? 3) Are there any bars/clubs/pubs that you could recommend for a stagette party? Thank you so much in advance Jaq
  7. Wow, I'm a newbie here & seriously wish I found this sight months ago!! We're getting married on April 20th, 2012. All of you ladies seem sooooooooo much more organized than I am! It doesn't help that I barely ever get a response from Sandra & if I do it's not exactly helpful lol. Has anybody hired an outside DJ? I am a wedding DJ in Canada & I feel that $220/hr is an absolute rip-off!!! Any advice? PS - congrats to all of you ladies on your engagements! Despite the lack of correspondence I truly feel like this is one of the best places ever to get married! xo