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  1. I am jealous of some of these great prices... my fiance and I are both teachers and have to have our DW during either winter holidays or spring break, peak times to travel and more expensive... its looking like $2000 is going to be the minimum price... however I hope they dont complain since they are the ones that said they don't want to go to a destination in the summer months when it would be much cheaper!
  2. Possibly a silly question but I am new to this and have so much to learn... How does everyone have a hotel and such picked out so far in advance without knowing flight schedules and resort prices? Do you not need to have a resort somewhat booked before all of the STDs and invites and such go out?
  3. Hi, I am new to all of this and came across this website while looking up some information/ettiquette for save the dates and a destination wedding... My fiance and I are both teachers and so we do not have much option for our DW. Christmas/winter holidays, spring break, or summer... we have decided to go away over the Christmas/winter break. We will definitely be leaving after Christmas (boxing day or later as it is unfair to ask our guests to miss the holiday with their families) and we are still in the middle of choosing a loacation and specific date. At the same time we want to give everyone as much notice as possible so they have time to save money. Do any of you have suggestions as to how we can send out a save the date with so much unknown? Also for some reason in my head my thoughts were that the travel/resort info would go in an invitation (to be sent out earlier than a regular home wedding invite) but from the little bit I have read on here is it really the save the date all of that info would go on and the invite is just like any other invite? If so is there some sort of pre-save the date that can be done just to give people a heads up? From my conversations with the TA it sounded like once we decide where we want to go people only have about a month to make a down payment to hold a spot... if that goes out in the invite it is not a lot of time, hence why I wanted to give a heads up before hand... So confused... Thanks in advance for any help/info/advice...
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