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  1. My flowers can from Maya Floral in Cancun, they met by MOH in the lobby that day. And just a heads up, a DJ is worth every penny. Our dj and mc literally controlled the wedding. He knew when to do what and also suggested things based on lighting etc... We had a iPod for our Rehersal, then your worried about music playlist etc... Your already dressed that day, so why not help yourself and let someone else do the dirty work!!
  2. Don't waste your money on a dance floor or extra bar. I did and it was not necessary!
  3. The buffet was delish, and the bartenders were giving people water bottles of tequila if they were not drinking! It made it so fun!! We actually cancled the cigar roller bc they were predicting rain. Luckily it didn't rain
  4. HUGE shoutout to Del Sol Photography, Along with DJ Mannia, Zungia, Norma from MAC Cancun, and but not least, Suzette from beach palace. The best of the best!!
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