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  1. Hi BettyGrace how many people in the wedding party, is anyone elderly or handicap, & how far to you want to walk. Let me know & i'll try to help also is there a plan b for bad weather. Daniel
  2. Hi BettyGrace how many in the wedding party, is anyone elderly or in a wheel chair & how far do you wish to walk. I'll try to help. Daniel
  3. You can try Southernmost Photography & Wedding Planning in Key West @ http://keywestweddingphotography.com/ they can help you with any questions you may have. Daniel
  4. You can try Southernmost Photography & Wedding Planning in Key West at http://keywestweddingphotography.com/ for all kinds of help in planning your wedding.
  5. Done several weddings with Cakes by Carol, Key West Cakes, & Croissant de France they have all done a wonderful job
  6. I will be photographing a Reception next week at Old Town Manor will have photos done by the end of July if you want to see them. There are also three different Hyatt's in Key West. Which one did you go with MoniqueJ. Daniel
  7. Try Southernmost Photography & Wedding Planning in Key West http://keywestweddingphotography.com/ Daniel
  8. Here is a link to some wedding videos done by http://keywestweddingphotography.com/Key-West-Wedding-Video.html you can find several on You Tube http://youtu.be/hXSbQNby_NA Daniel
  9. I cannot say enough wonderful things about Daniel and Southermost Photography!! My venue referred me to them when I was looking for a photographer and from our first email exchange, I knew this was the guy for me! Leading up to the wedding Daniel and Julie were a breeze to get in touch with, they answered all of my questions with ease. The day of the wedding, Daniel had everyone comfortable in front of the camera. One of the great things about working with Southernmost Photography is that the package included photos and video! So hard to find that at a reasonable price! Less than a month after we came home from our wedding, we recieved our wedding photos. They were stunning! So often you hear of brides that are waiting months and months for photos, I was thrilled with the turn around time!! They also put together an absolutely fabulous wedding album for us. I get so many compliments on the album when people see it. It is so different than what most people get! Without hesitation I would recommend Daniel and the team!! They are fabulous! The photos we have are true artwork! Such a talented photographer and a great company. I tell everyone my most favorite Key West find was Southernmost Photography!
  10. June in Florida can bring all kinds of different weather from Heat & Humidity to Hurricanes. It is also the start of the raining season. I recommend some kind of back-up plan just in case. You do need to consider the time of day & your guest. If they are elderly or not used to the humidity you should consider chairs, a tent for shade even if it set to the side of the wedding, bottled water is a good option and you can have them made with your wedding date & names. You can also consider having the ceremony earlier as this would allow you to push back the time if there is rain. Most of the larger resorts will have tents provided. Most importantly check with your wedding planner or whoever you signed a contract with about their options. The good ones will try to do everything they can to still make that day special even with bad weather. Also check the hotel you stay at and a few indoor location on their policy for last minutes cancellations or even last minute availability if you are forced indoors. One last thing that's is more important for larger weddings, that might help is to not plan the wedding on your last day in town Daniel
  11. Try Southernmost Photography in Key West they might still be able to help you with questions about the area http://keywestweddingphotography.com/ Daniel
  12. If you have a chance take a look at Southernmost Photography in Key West you can visit there Web-site at http://keywestweddingphotography.com/ Daniel
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