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  1. Thank you Laura! No we had piled the ameythest package before the new collection came out and it include the purple decor, flowers, fireworks and carriage and the had Zuniga do all the rest we had 2300 credits between moon palace and Leblanc and used all of them on the package
  2. Hola ladies!!!! We're back and I am officially Mrs. Billings!!!! The entire trip and wedding from beggining to end was AMAZING!! I cried coming home because I didn't want it to end!! I had Valeria Vera as my WC and she was organized and on point for everything! Even when I gve her 2 suitcases full of stuff she didnt even bat an eye. We had all our welcome bags deliveried to everyone's room which they say they charge $3 per room but we were never charged.., we did the blood test there which was fine and they guy who takes the blood made sure he had a good vein so he didn't stick us more then once which was great!(I'm notorious for being a hard stick) we had a joint bachelor/bachelorette party at the swing bar, sunrise lobby bar and ending at the club in sunrise which was the best time ever! there is a lot of construction going on on the sunrise side as far as the outside so you do need to be very careful walking around outside at night but besides that its not that bad. We had a rehearsal dinner at the Brazilian resturant and it was fantastic! They set up tables out on the balcony for a private party for us with our own staff and everyone was wonderful! We flew our own photographers down with us so they took pics at all our vents which was great we felt like we has our own paparazzi lol! The day of the wedding we went the the spa at the golf course and everyone had their hair and makeup done which came out great.. There is a strong language barrier at the spa but with pictures everything came out just like the pictures. I'm a makeup artist and hair stylist so I did my own. Valeria came to my room to get me for the horse drawn carriage..I highly recommend this it was an amazing moment for my dad and I and as soon as I pulled up everyone started crying. We opted for a harpest and it was extremely romantic. The fireworks could not go off for our kiss because of the wind but they did set it up during cocktail hour so we can get some pictures. Cocktail hour was in tucan garden and besides from the Mosquitos(I highly recommend bring good big spray!) everything went very well from what our guests have said. We had 2 signature drinks and they even carried them overto our reception and brought our decor as well which was great! We had dj mania for the reception and they were FANTASTIC!! We brought a cd of all the music for backup but they were ontop of everything an even had a lot of popular songs that our guests recommended. Zuniga did most of the decor and I was so pleased! I was scared with not seeing any pics of anything how it would all turn out but it was better then I could have hoped for! We had alternating centerpieces and decor and it all was wonderful! We extended our reception for an additional 2 hours without any problem with we were very happy about since we were not ready to stop the party haha! They delievered a beautiful bouquet to our room the night of our wedding because my husband said he wanted to give me flowers ;0) the next day we had a brunch at the Caribbean reaturant in grand which was nice but I didn't find the food any different then the breakfast at the buffet in nuzic where we were. We then went to Le blanc for our honeymoon. I highly recommend doing a second resort for a couple days at least! It was so nice to get some alone time with my new husband. I'm a huge fan of moon palace with all the different things to do and all the space but le blanc is on a different level! We had our own butler with pillow menus and everything. This was seriously the trip of a lifetime! Every one of our guest said they had the best time ever! The weather was perfect everyday and the wedding went smoother then I ever hoped for. I'm sorry I just blurted everything out but I hope it puts everyone at ease about all their planning .. Ooo by the way if you did book before I believe April of this year you do not get charged any tax! This was awesome since all my guest booked before then! Here are a couple pics from our photographer :0) [/img]
  3. Thank you so much girls! Mani pedi time to relax before we leave Ahhhh.....
  4. Ahhhhhh! I can't believe we leave tomorrow!!!!!!☀🌴😠I still haven't heard from my on site so that's cool but ill stalk her down as soon as I get there! I don't think ill be able to sleep tonight!! Have a great day ladies!
  5. Omg! Finally they made a mobile version!!!!!!!! It's been killing my eyes on here with only my iPhone.. I'm always on the go so sitting at my comp is nearly impossible lol! Welcome Back Shan! CONGRATS!Who did u have at the salon? I'm a hairdresser/makeuo artist so ill be doing my own hair/makeup but the entire bridal party and moms are getting hair and makeup done..
  6. Lindsey: we actually leave to go to Leblanc on the 10th for our honeymoon so well just miss each other :0( I'm sure you'll have an amazing wedding as well! Have you talked to your coordinator yet? I've been assigned Valeria but have not received a single email from her yet and I even emailed her introducing myself... I leave on Tuesday so I'm hoping she responds soon! Btw I love the idea of skyping the bridesmaid in that sounds like a great idea! My brother is in the marine corps and they won't allow him to travel to Mexico, they say its "not safe" for the military! So I was hoping to do something similar but wasn't sure how that would work...
  7. Speckles: I'm so sorry.... I couldn't imagine what u are going through right... I wish you all the best in the future... Mca: your pics are gorgeous! I'm leaving in 1 week from today!! Any last minute advice?!
  8. Ericamarquez- thank you for the info, maybe ill look into the bar crawl in hotel zone or just have everyone party at the club instead :0)
  9. Speckles121 -We get there the 4th!! Well have to meet up for a drink! Maybe you can pass on some last minute advice :0)
  10. Hello Brides! It has been foreverrrrrrrrrrrr since I've been on here! Everytime I go to check I couldn't keep up with all the new post! Thank you past brides for letting us know about the construction on the sunrise side I've contacted my TA to make sure we don't end up on that side. Everyone's pics are beautiful, it makes me even more excited to get down there! 3 weeks to go!!!! I can't wait! ..so a little venting... My fiancé and I are staying at the moon palace for 7 days then going to Le blanc for 5 days after the wedding for our honeymoon. Now I've been told from the beginning that all these days would count torwards our group nights and when it came down to my final PO they didn't want to include Le blanc which we are paying a lot money for. Did anyone else have this issue with transferring to another resort?? Another question how are the bar scenes at night? My group really wants to do a "bar Crawl" inside the resort and I don't know if its mostly restaurant bars or not? I know the disco is now open which I'm sooo happy about but what are the other bars like? Besides this just finishing up welcome bags and getting ready to start packing. My bridal party threw me a surprise wedding shower and it was amazing!! I even had a white dress on( I thought I was going to a 90th Birthday Brunch) lol! Ill add pics when I'm on the comp.. I can only do so much from my iPhone lol! Keep all the great info coming!!
  11. Dont be nervous.. from what i hear they make it a very special and wonderful wedding day for each and every bride... enjoy the day! and WELCOME to the thread!
  12. It crazy that you said this! When i first booked our wedding we had to pay a balance because we picked the amythest package. I faxed all my info including my credit card to pay for the balance and a week later i had over $6000 in charges taken from my account!!!!! i called and flipped out on the miami office since it was the only place i had used that card since its only used for certain bills. The office assured me that they were not blame but destroyed any card or personal info after that. I then changed my card and had everything reported. I did get all my money back but I always that it was very sketchy that that happened and refuse to give them any card info again and will try to do everything through pay pal or something next time. .... something is very sketchy though...
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