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  1. Well I brought lots of LED tea lights and LED pillar candles from home because I didn't want to pay for extra lighting.. But I got to the reception on the wedding day and they put up loads of lanterns and set up the light up dance floor for free! I think the dance floor is normally $580 and the lanterns are $10 each. I'm not 100% sure how many lanterns you will need. I'm guessing 24
  2. My friend took the pictures.. and we did the shoot 2 days after the wedding.. It was so much fun.
  3. Hello jcksiano! I had my reception in the Seaside Grill and i think it would be prefect for a group of 20-25 people. Here is a couple of pictures of my reception in the Seaside Grill The pool terrace isnt very private but looks beautiful when they set it all up. This a picture i found on the internet (I was going to have my reception on the pool terrace but change my mind) Happy Planning
  4. Hello... Ive finally got my Trash the Dress photos I got married April 19th and we did our Trash the Dress shoot in Puerto Morelos.
  5. Hello.. Yes you can use the dance floor on the beach and no there is no extra charge for white napkins and table cloths
  6. Hello! I got married April 19th and all 35 of my guests stayed in a different resort.. Your guests (or you if you wish to pay?) will purchase a wedding day pass, $55 each. This makes them all inclusive at Dreams for there stay.. So they can get a drink from any of the bars. They can arrive 2 hours before the ceremony. I think most of my guests turned up 3 hours before, and I don't think it was problem. $48 is just for the reception dinner, you also have to purchase a wedding day pass for guests not staying at Dreams. These were my times.. Hope they help 4.30. North Beach Ceremony 5.00-5.30 Gro
  7. Hello Kerrimaxwell, I had the same promblem with the seaside grill. Evangelina offered it to me for free but Georgina didnt know anything about this arrangement! Just forward the email from Evangelina confirming you can use the seaside grill for free and put High Importance in the subject bar. Dont worry Georgina is lovely. she will sort it out Do the same with your emails to the DJ and Spa (High Importance)
  8. Hello.. We had our reception in the Seaside Grill. At first Gina wanted $800 to use the Seaside Grill, but I got it for free in the end because only the pool terrace was available and I really didn't want my reception there.. It took a lot of emails to get it for free. I didn't also tell her I knew past brides had used it for free!
  9. Hello Ladies Ive just got back from sunny Mexico... and everything was prefect! We flew with Virgin Atlantic from London Gatwick, apart from the flight being 11 hours it was really good. Open bar and touch screen entertainment system kept us busy.
  10. Hello ladies! Today is my last day at work, im flying to sunny Mexico on the 12th! I think im all ready I will let you all know how it went and ill post my slideshow when i get back loripanori i might see you there; i get married on the 19th!!
  11. Question for people who have already been to Dreams... Can the men wear smart jeans in the restaurants or do they have to wear trousers?
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