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  1. Nothing is really set in stone except the date, time and location of your ceremony, cocktail hour and reception. You can literally sit down at your meeting with her and pick a new cake, use different flowers, change the layout of your tables, etc. Every time i sent an email to Lorena with questions or changes, i asked her to send us an updated bill/invoice to reflect additions/changes. She sent us one every time and it really helped us stay within out budget. She can also send you prices for anything that is not listed in their wedding guide- like flowers, cakes, extra bouquets, extra corsages or boutonnieres, hair. makeup etc. Wedding guide: http://www.amresorts.com/wedding_guides/drerc-wedding-guide.pdf
  2. I had asked lorena the same question. this was her reply: "with travelers checks is ok, but you need to fill them out when yoube here, or with credit or debit card (VISA, MASTER CARD or AMERICAN EXPRESS)" We ended up paying with one of our debit cards. We paid half the balance 2 days before the wedding and remaining balance the day before. We weighed the fee associated with travelers checks with the international fee on our debit card. It was slightly more to use our debit card, but we got airline miles too...rack up some miles for another trip to Dreams Quote: Originally Posted by Savs1027 I know this has been asked here before but now I can't find it! Can you pay for the wedding with travelers checks? Does that work like cash or do they prefer credit cards?
  3. We used plantable invitations! Here is a link to where i posted them: http://www.bestdestinationwedding.com/t/80640/plantable-invitations#post_1788091
  4. THese came out beatifully!! Congratulations! I totally spilled my sand everywhere too!!!!
  5. Here is the link to our invitations: http://www.bestdestinationwedding.com/t/80640/plantable-invitations#post_1788091 We spent approx $380 on 75 invitations and 50 thank you cards combined (envelopes included). We sent invites to everyone that got and STD, even if we knew they weren't coming.
  6. We took 1 extra suitcase for items for our OOT bags and decorations. THe only decorations we brought were chair sashes, cake topper and table numbers with holders. The big items for our OOT bags were plastic cups with lids and straws, koozies and sunblock.
  7. Thanks so much Here are some things we upgraded with prices. it seems like a lot, but we really added the minimum compared to some other brides: Upgraded to Photo package #3: $1109 (tax included)- 100 pictures extra + 50 from Ultimate package= 150 pictures, DVD of photos, DVD of wedding, photo book DJ: $999 (tax included) Resort day passes for 2 days ($88 person/day-our best man and wife stayed at another hotel): $355.20 (wedding passes only are $55/person/day) 2 extra centerpieces: approx $80 additional guests for ceremony, cocktail and reception (we only had 20 guests included in the wedding package-we paid extra for 9 more guests): approx $800 Rehearsal dinner: $378 Sound system for ceremony: $199 (the DJ was the technician for that) Extra corsages and boutonnieres: approx $70 MOH bouquet: $70 (thank goodness i only had one bridesmaid!) I think that's about it. let me know if you have any questions and I hopes this helped
  8. I would be careful about where you have a Coktail Hour. I'm not sure what time you were thinking either, but most of the beach bars close at 6pm. Besides the Lobby Bar, Desires would be available too (they open at 6pm). They have nice outside terrace and patio options too, if you don't want to be cooped up and inside. Here is a resort info I used to get the hours of all the bars/restaurants. I put this on my website for my guests too: http://www.amresorts.com/media/QRG/qrg_drerc.pdf We have a welcome gathering at the Lobby Bar (Rendezvous) and it was great. Lots of room & some entertainment (singer). We all met up there at 8pm. Hope this helps
  9. Congratulations! I just got married at Dreams Riviera Cancun 2 weeks ago. It was great! I went to a wedding at Dreams Tulum last year. That was a big reason we picked another Dreams resort. That was great too, but i enjoyed Dreams Riviera Cancun more because it was a shorter ride from the airport a about 20 min (Tulum took almost 2 hours). Dreams Riviera Cancun is also newer. Here is a link to my review: http://www.bestdestinationwedding.com/products/dreams-rivera-cancun-resorts-and-spa/reviews/6402 I really had my eye on on of the Secrets resorts as well, but we had to pick an all ages resort because of our flower girl. I hope this helps! Let me know if you had any other questions!
  10. We got everything at the resort. We went to the photo studio to pick all our photos 2 days before we left and they had the photo book for us the next day. We even got 2 bigger photo books in the mail last week. Not too sure why, but we were thrilled. We got our DVD while we were stillthere too- about 3 days after our wedding. I would guess that since you didn't get them while you were there, hopefully they should be in the mail by now.
  11. Wow! these photos and your whole day looked like a fairytale! so amazing. thanks for posting these and congratulations!!
  12. Here are a couple pics of mine that show the work being done in the background. It didn't affect us too much since we got moved to the seaside grill anyway....
  13. Oh wow, these are great! I love the airplane flying from one sppot to the wedding destination. i totally would have gotten something likfe this. My invites are here: http://www.bestdestinationwedding.com/t/80640/plantable-invitations#post_1788091
  14. I thought the service was great everywhere. We had a server serving us drinks at our plunge pool-even though they are not supposed to (not sure why). Everyone at all the restaurants and bars are so friendly. the service on the beach is great. we ordered food and drinks everyday from different servers. I didn't hang out much by the pools, but it looked like there was always plenty of servers running around. All the food was good too. no one on our trip had any sicknesses or anything. I was just so excited to eat, i ate like a pig!! There is plenty of variety at each restaurant. My favorite was portofino (italian), but really i loved all the restaurants. We took a cab ride to Playa Del Carmen one night. It was awesome. We asked the concierge and the cab driver for recommendations on where to eat. they both named the same 3 restaurants. when we got there, there was so many places to eat! We went with La Parilla, which was one ofthe recommendations of the concierge and cab driver. it was so good, everyone said it was the best meal they had during their stay. lots of shopping there too. My husband went on a fishing trip. I was going to go too, but it was only dudes going so i stayed at Dreams and hung out. They had fun. they were gone from about 10am-5pm. It was in Puerto Morelos so they were really close. The fisherman got the fish, they my husband and the other fellas reeled them in i guess. My nephew went on a whale shark swim. He borrowed out underwater camera and got some amazing pictures! he was gone from about 6am-5pm. he LOVED it. We tried walking to Puerto Morelos on Tuesday in the Hurricane (it wasn't raining at first) but had to turn around. We went for it again on Wednesday. It was a 2km walk (seemed longer), but when we got there, everything was shut down because they lost power due to Ernesto. We did go into a couple shops that were open though. We bought a dish which i was really excited about.
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