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  1. Hi there! Congratulations!!! There really isn't much information about wedding at the El Cid out there... I know it can be frustrating!!! I visited the Now Jade resort last February, which is pretty much right next to the Marina El Cid. First off, I love the area of Puerto Morelos. It is more secluded and more green than Cancun, which I absolutely love. The beach is beautiful, and the water is gorgeous. When attempting to find a resort for the wedding, we almost went with Now Jade because we were familiar with it, but the pricing for the Marina El Cid came in better. The El Cid looks beautiful and our wedding planner/travel agent recommended it. She did a site visit recently and took many photos. The resort has a spanish feel to it, but yet it is modern looking, which seems to be hard to find in other resorts. We were looking for a family friendly resort for ours, as children are attending our wedding. We loved the main pool area... it looks like it would be a blast! The reviews for food seem to be good. Our main needs when choosing a resort were: Had to have nice, updated rooms... preferably with jacuzzi and ocean views Had to have a gazebo, or other option besides a beach wedding The food had to be good Had to have a nice beach Had to have decent pricing Had to be south of Cancun This resort met all of these needs... and I'm really happy we went with it. I am glad we are trying a new resort instead of going to one we have already been to... and I really like the look of this resort. I think it will make for some nice photos too The jetty is definitely pretty cool. It is quite long compared to others, and looked awesome in person. The wedding coordinator is helpful in answering questions. I am still trying to get a lot planned, but if I can help you in any way, let me know. I might have some answers. Any specific questions? Once again, Congratulations!! Jasmine
  2. Dress Alfred Angelo style gorgeous lace/beaded dress. Is this one still available? How long is it?
  3. Can you send a photo of the fascinator, reception-style dress, chair sashes, and chair covers please?
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