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  1. Hi Barbados Brides-To-Be, One of the activities I would recommend doing with your guest is renting the Stiletto Catamaran Cruise. These guys were absolutely fun, and their food was delish. I found their boat to be clean, safety was first and they were easy going. I've been to Barbados three times and all three times I've used them. I travelled from Toronto, but visit Trinidad frequently. We stayed in the Gap area by a little boutique apartment called "Le Meridan". Best of Luck...
  2. Hi Ladies, Anyhow know a great resort in Barbados? I'm set for Sept. 2012...and struggling to find something Oh right, I'm in Scarborough....
  3. Hi McLecker, Yes, I think we found a place, it's quite cosy. If you want details let me know, but if you've changed location entirely....good luck. The prices I'm working with is quite far and the hotel looks great.
  4. Hi McLecker, I recently returned from Barbados and stayed next to the Almond. To be honest, it's okay from what I saw. It has a lot of grown trees, and it's at the end of the Gap area. A bit of a walk, but the beach that is close to it is Dover Beach. We found Dover Beach to have had a lot of big waves, so we took the bus ($2.00) to Accra which is not bad. There is a resort called Accra. I too am considering Barbados for my 2012 wedding and it's like pulling teeth as they don't offer all inclusive, and if they do, it's really expensive compare to your Cuba & DR destinations. So I am racking my nerves. If you do decide on a location, let me know, I am from Toronto so we're fellow Canucks. I have some pictures of the Almond Resort if you PM me I can send it to you. Oh! BTW, the exchange is $2.00 (Bajan dollars) to $1.00 Cdn. Hope this helps.
  5. Hello TJ, I too am considering Barbados having switch from DR. Could you provide us details, I am stuck too Thanks, Tracey
  6. Hi Everyone, We are in the midst of planning our DW, and have finally decided on Dreams - La Romana. Wow! A lot of great reviews, thank you ladies. But forgive me if I'm repeating this question, it is a lot of post to read. I was wondering does anyone have a sample budget that they can send me? Also, we've just emailed requesting our dates, do you know how long this takes for them to get back to you? We will be working with TA - Wright Travel....anyone worked with them before? Sorry, but I'm such a newbie and this is starting to be nerve wrecking and I haven't even done anything. Yikes. Tracey
  7. Oh wow DominicanLelia, thank you so much. I certainly have a better understanding now. Best of luck.
  8. Oh my! Thanks, "Moments That Matter", and "Carly". I'm feeling the nerves kicking in. A friend of mine recommended this site to me, so thanks in advance. I will check out all the recommendations.
  9. Hi Everyone, I'm such a "newbie" and I'm doing my DW in Nov. 2012. Gosh! There's so much information, and I don't know where to begin. If anyone of you feel like helping, please feel free to message me.
  10. OMG! This is so amazing! Thank you, thank you for sharing. I am such a newbie and this is a fantastic idea -well done, and I think I will love creating my own.
  11. Hi Everyone, I'm such a "newbie" here and my wedding is in October, 2012. I noticed this post is really old but regarding the STD, I too am a bit confused. Is STD for the people you're inviting to the wedding, or is it meant for everyone. If I send them STD, isn't this just the same as a "invitation"? Hmmm...do we have to do STD? My wedding location has not been finalized. Thanks a bunch ladies.
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