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  1. thank you! we did have a blast! we had a great group go with us! definitely had the time of our lives.
  2. I know its late but i just got my pro pic's a little while ago and wanted to share! and sorry they are not in any particular order, and sorry there are alot! lol it was hard to narrow down my favs
  3. we went with the "unforgettable" package and the trio was included with it
  4. yes that is correct the only problem is you cant substitue the cost of the legal fees. so you still pay the full price of the package even though you are not using thier minister. its exactly what we did and we were married 2 weeks prior to our trip back home in our backyard
  5. We did! we didnt even use the resort staff for the ceremony. we had our friend marry us it was no problems but we did have to pay the fees for the minister(we went with the unforgettable package)
  6. Yes the dj supplys the speakers and mic, but if you opt out of the DJ you have to pay for them on thier own, so for two hours it would be $180 vs the $420 for the Dj for 2 hours
  7. I had the special cocktail and had to pay for the children. it kind of sucked since out of the 50 people we had there 10 of them were kids
  8. I used both Arrifice and our friend (was a guest at resort for the week) I only used Arrifice for our 15 free that came with the package and am happy with what we got. I have yet to receive my pics from our Pro photograher (so excited!). I just wanted to add they were very kind and didnt get in the way. I included pics from Arrifice in my review if you would like to see for refference
  9. the pool side recetion for us was after the dinner so just dancing and drinks. we chose the resort dj and got the special cocktail. the DJ was $420 for two hours and the open bar was $8 per person for the two hours ($5 for the first hour and $3 for every hour after) so in total for the 52 guests we paid $836 but it was WELL worth it!! the "speacial cocktail" is the choice of booze. its the lowest option they offer but with honestly you can still get all of the top shelf booze
  10. Hi ladies!!!!!!!!!!!! just got back from our AMAZING wedding! we had a blast! to answer some of your guy's questions. *flowers* at your meeting with the wedding coordinator she will bring a big book with all of the different options for you to choose from! i didn't pick till i got there and had nooo problem getting what i wanted. As for the *music* part we loaded all of our songs on my husbands Iphone and used it for both the pool side reception and the ceremony and had NO problems at all! As for my review i have nooo clue where to write it so i will do it here Arrival at the resort: This was our second time visiting the resort so we had a pretty good idea as to what was going to happen for check in. The hotel staff are soooo helpful and friendly upon arriving at the resort! due to being the bride and groom we were able to check in super quick, got our ''welcome'' drinks and had our bag delivered to our rooms all withing 20 minutes max! when we got to our room we had a chilled bottle of champagne waiting for us with resort t-shirts and a pretty flower arrangement. on the night stand we found a letter from our WC giving us the time of our meeting the following day. The wedding coordinator: We had Maria, as everyone else has said, she was AMAZING! we met her the following day after our arrival. when we had met with her we had brought all of our extras that we wanted (programs, extra candles, etc) in a suit case and gave her all of the directions as to what to do with it all. We only had one blip in the meeting and that was about our dinner. We had a specific seating arrangement that i didn't want to change. She had advised us that the restaurant was to small to have it set the way that we wanted it. She could tell that it was really what i wanted and had the manager of the Le Gourmet open the restaurant so we could go in and map it out to the way that we wanted it. so all in all it wasn't really a blip after all Our stay: As I had said before this was not the first time we have stayed at this resort. It is a big and beautiful place to stay! The grounds are well kept and the staff are so friendly. We had 52 guests in total and not a SINGLE complaint by any of them. If I could recommend any restaurant it would be the Don Pablo. It has amazing food and service! During the days we spent most of our time at the Coba pool. It was always an fun happening place to be. If you are looking for a more low key, calm place to hang out I would recommend the Akumal beach. Out of all of the buffets the Coba is by far the best (biggest and most selection). Overall we had an awesome stay and really enjoyed the resort for the second time The Big Day: Let me just start by saying we purchased the ''unforgettable'' package (well worth it). The day started with my girls and I suntanning at the pool until around noon. By then we all headed to on of my BM rooms and had our hair done by a friend (who's a fabulous hairdresser!) We had one of my other bridesmaids run and grab a bottle of champagne from the near by snack bars so we were able to have a few drinks to calm the nerves. Maria had all of our guests (and the groom and his grooms men) meet in the main coba lobby for a 5 o'clock pickup. Our wedding was at 5:30 at the tulum gazebo. At 5:20 my girls and I were picked up on a private trolley and were taken to the gazebo. When we had arrived Maria and my father were waiting at the end of the isle for us to start our walk. The music was seem-less. Another thing that I do have to mention is that we only had a ''symbolic'' wedding since we legally got married back home. We really wanted our good friend to marry us while in Mexico and the only way to do this was by forfeiting the judge and legal part of the Mexican one. After the ceremony was over the string quartet played as we had our champagne toast as husband and wife with all of our guests. We then headed down to the beach for a few bridal photos (which were done by a family member). We opted to only use the 15 free that came with our package. After the photos we were taken by trolley to Le Gourmet where we had our yummy dinner. The dinner was from 7-9. We used the entire time! Once the dinner was over we headed to the pool right across from the restaurant for our poolside reception. We had the ''special cocktail'' and used the resort DJ. Both were the smartest choices that we could have ever made! the DJ was great! played every song we asked and the bartender allowed my guests to order whatever they wanted with no extra charge to us. The reception ended at 11pm and all of the guests that were still into partying it up(including us) headed to the hacienda to dance to the live band then ended the best day ever at the disco! I have included a few of the resort free photos that we got. If any of you have any questions feel free to shoot me a message I will be happy to answer anything! AND I MUST ADD THIS SITE HAS BEEN NOTHING BUT HELPFUL WITH THIS ENTIRE PROCESS!!!!!! Thank you sooooo much!
  11. yay fewf! lol thought i may have missed somthing! yay only 9 days till i leave!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. ?????? i was quoted $210 per hour for the resort dj???? have the prices recently gone up?
  13. Im having out reception dinner here! i also love this restaurant! its beautiful inside!
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