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  1. Hello! We just had our wedding in November in Soliman bay, we used Maria and I can't recommend her enough!! She is amazing and worth every penny! She made our day so special, she is personable and professional and organized! So happy we found her!! I read a lot about bad experiences with WC on here, trust me you won't be disappointed!
  2. Hello, Getting married November close to Tulum. We are trying to find a Violinist/harpist or guitarist for the ceremony, We are getting prices or $320 US for 1 hour. That seems very high to me! Anyone have any good violist/harpist or guitarist them have used and what's the standard price?? Thanks in advance!
  3. Thanks so much everyone for your advice. We decided on Maria with weddings in Playa.
  4. Thanks. You know, I was in contact with her for about a week then she just stopped replying to my emails. It was strange. I had a good vibe from her thou...
  5. Hey Patricia, Congrats on your wedding! Its great to hear it went so well! Thanks for the reference, I will send her off an email right now! I'm starting to Narrow it down to a few different coordinators. I'll let you know what I decide. Thanks again, greatly appreciated! I would love to see pictures when available!
  6. Thanks Babymila, I will check out her website. The unfortunate part is we will not have the opportunity to meet our coordinator until the wedding. It seems like a common theme that a lot of the services in Mexico require a huge deposit up front and full payment before you even arrive.. strange. Good luck with Andrea! Keep me posted on how things work our with Andrea. Congrats!
  7. Thanks for your advice and yes it does help. I did search her name and read several reviews both good and bad. It makes me nervous about the one bride that gave her the deposit and never heard from her again. Thanks again!
  8. Hello! I'm getting married November 2012 in Maya Riviera, Soliman Bay. We are getting married at a Private house and having the reception there. Looking for some advice or recommendations for a wedding planner/coordinator. I've sent out several emails. Has anyone used Jennifer Smith at Turtle Bay cafe? Also, I'm getting quotes for $1800US I thought that was a little pricey. Any advice? Thanks is Advance!
  9. Hello! We are getting married in Novemeber, 2012 in Mayan Riviera at a private house. The ceremony will be on the beach and the reception at the house around the pool. I'm looking for a wedding planner, Ive sent out several email to coordinators. Anyone used Jennifer Smith at Turtle Bay cafe? Also what are standard prices? I'm getting emails back for around $1800US. Any advice is appreciated! Thanks in Advance!
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