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  1. We had Jaime Gonzalez and were very happy with the pictures! He was punctual and even willing to get up at 5am since it was overcast the day of the wedding and the pictures did not come out well. Only regret I have is not hiring him for a longer period of time to get more of the shots I wanted to get.
  2. Selling it for $100 and it's ivory color
  3. I brought them with me, but they charge you per chair if you do. However, I paid a wedding planner to come in and place the sashes so I didn't have to pay per chair and she decorated the gazebo and all for me for a price cheaper than the dreams would have charged. But I also had the free wedding because I did not havemy reception at the dreams.
  4. I have attached pictures of the hairpiece I used for my wedding. There is some wear because I did have it in my hair for several hours but not really noticeable. The pictures are the day I wore it and how it looks now. You can move the petals around to make it fit the way you want on your hair. I still do not have all my professional pictures but when I do I can send more pictures with the headpiece. It is ivory color and attached various pictures so you can see the detail. I am asking $100 or best offer plus shipping and handling. I am in the California. Thanks.
  5. Finally back from the honeymoon and was just amazed by the beauty of the wedding! I can't wait to post pictures and write a review! Here are a few pictures of the gazebo décor (done by ultimate weddings) and the view of the gazebo from the preferred suites.
  6. amazing photos! We had the same thing happen, we were scheduled for 4, the ring bearer lost his pants and we didn't start ti 4:40. Photographer ran out of light, so we all got up and ready the next day at 5:30am so we could get decent pictures. So consider this for your wedding ladies!
  7. I thought someone might be able to help. I want to add a special note in the ceremony program for some aunts and uncles who not only are attending the wedding but made extra financial donation..I just can't find the proper wording to put into the program...someone please help!! Google is not helping me
  8. I love this dress, what style number is it and how much did you get it for? Quote: Originally Posted by Angela Shim Ok... so after all the Jasmine pics, here are some Dressilyme pics. The dress is almost exactly as I asked for. I wanted my dress to sparkle a bit with clear sequins and/or beading, but think they just put on pearls or maybe I just don't see the sequins due to the lighting. I asked to see if they could be added. I ordered the dress only 2 weeks ago!
  9. I love this dress and is similar to one I was considering getting on dressily...which style number is this and what was the price. I love it!
  10. I know there are other threads here with this information but man I hate looking through all of it. Wanted to know if anyone is willing to share their timeline or welcome brochure they did for their wedding or upcoming wedding! I have less than 2 months, time to get crackin on the little details. Thanks in advance.
  11. I'm so excited! I'm in Cancun right now and did my site visit! I hired a wedding planner and she is awesome and although there is a vendor fee she is saving me money on lots of stuff! I ended up getting the free package and am hiring a shuttle that is taking us to a hall in the city! This way we can have a late party! I did cake tasting, food tasting, late night taco truck tasting! I can't believe 2013 is so close!! We are almost there ladies!
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