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  1. As for the timing of the sun setting, we only had about 20 minutes of daylight after the ceremony finished for pictures. We did pics before the ceremony in order to make sure that we were able to get lots (with the wedding party). The Groom and groomsmen came over earlier in the day to meet us and we did tons of pics (it actually was great seeing my fiance before the wedding as it calmed my nerves!). After the ceremony we did a big group pic with all of the guests and then did family shots and a few more of just myself and my husband. To answer your question about communicating with Bianca
  2. Hi Ladies! I haven't posted an actual formal review yet but I just wanted to let you know how absolutely amazing Las Caletas is! We just returned from our wedding (which was Dec 29th, 2012) and had an amazing time. Every single thing went perfect the day of our wedding and Blanca and Denise are the best! Everyone is still talking about how it was the best wedding that they've been to. Seriously, there are no reasons to worry about anything...every single detail was taken care of and it is even more beautiful there than I had imagined! Hopefully I'll post a full review soon but if you have an
  3. We leave tomorrow morning for our wedding and I am so excited! This review was perfect and made me feel more at ease! I'll be sure to post a review once we return! Have a wonderful holiday season everyone!
  4. I am using them both (pictures & video)...from what I've seen on the Vallarta Adventures website their work looks great!
  5. Just wondering for anyone that has recently had a wedding at Las Caletas....can you tell me if there was a steamer available for your wedding dress & bridesmaid dresses or did you have it looked after at your hotel/resort? Also...for anyone that was married (or is going to be) in December/January (our wedding will be Dec 29th, 2012) did you have time for pictures after the wedding ceremony? I am worried if we will have enough time for pics before it is completely dark. Thanks!
  6. I'm wondering if anyone who has gotten married at Las Caletas can give me some info about guests with young babies. My maid of honour is pregnant and is planning on bringing her new baby with her (the baby will be about 2 months old) as well as my FSIL (who will also have a 2 month old)..... Has anyone had guests travel to Las Caletas with babies that young? They are both aware of the boat and that we will be at the location for the entire evening. I am just wondering if anyone has any suggestions or if the wedding coordinators are able to set up a playpen/crib etc. Thanks!
  7. JMikla what a beautiful video! I cried pretty much the whole way through it and it made me so excited for my big day! Who was it that did your video for you? Heather
  8. Hi Girls....wow I'm starting to feel a bit behind schedule! We are getting married Dec 29th, 2012 @ Las Caletas (staying at Dreams Puerto Vallarta). We've booked the resort with our TA, sent out Save the Dates/Invites (not doing separate ones). I haven't bought a dress yet...or bridesmaids dresses! I'm planning on getting mine and the bmaids dresses in May...hope I'm not pushing it too much!).
  9. Thanks Sunshine2680! I am actually using Romantic Planet as well and have everything booked for Dec 2012 @ Dreams Puerto Vallarta....now I just have to wait and see if people actually book! Thanks again for your suggestion!
  10. For those of you that have already been married at Las Caletas (or maybe those of you about to)....did you arrange for return travel after the wedding back to your resort for your guests? I'm just wondering if this is done apart from the travel from your resort to the marina. I'd like to have a bus transport everyone back afterwards so that I will know that everyone makes it back to the resort safe & sound. Just wondering what you have all done (we are staying at Dreams Puerto Vallarta). Thanks!
  11. Beautiful pictures kupham! We are getting married at Las Caletas on Dec 29th this year! Since we are getting married exactly 1 year apart I thought I'd ask you about lighting at Las Caletas....did you find that it got dark quite early? I'm just wondering about pictures and lighting (I think we are going to use the photographers from Vallarta Adventures.
  12. Thanks for your help and suggestions! I managed to find the Vallarta Adventures Wedding photo website as well which had tons of pics and slideshows on it (very helpful).
  13. I am just wondering if any of you that have been married already at Las Caletas have used their photographer and/or videographer and what the quality was like. I am trying to decide if I should hire someone else or just use the people through Las Caletas. Suggestions/comments? Thanks!
  14. Your wedding video is absolutely amazing. It made me tear up...and I don't even know you! Gorgeous!
  15. I completely understand how you girls are feeling. We've booked our wedding for Dec 29, 2012 at Las Caletas and some members of my family are voicing their opinions loud and clear. I also feel frustrated as I know that I am an intelligent person and would never ask my family to travel somewhere where I would know they were in danger. The Mexico thing has been blown so out of control and it's making me so upset. Obviously there is a risk whenever you travel and being educated on the realities of the dangers is important. As was mentioned previously, I'm sure we'll all be fine as long as we're
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