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  1. So sad to hear this....we had our wedding at the Veranda in October and it was amazing.
  2. We just got married at the Veranda in October and it was AMAZING!! I'm happy to give more detailsif you're interested! Happy planning!
  3. Wow, this thread is SUPER helpful! We are getting married this October at the Veranda in the Turks. We are hoping to us Brilliant for the photographer and Bowen Arrow for the band (i really want live music at the wedding). I am SO far behind with planning right now.....not good! Right when we got engaged we told people it would be a destination wedding in October, but just sent our STDs out 2 months ago. We're working on the invitations now...hope to get those out in the next 2 weeks. Though, we already have 80 people who have booked their trip! I'm not doing flowers on the tables b/c I think the scenery is already so perfect. I would be curious how everyone else decorated their tables...I too am considering bringing my own decor to save on costs. Would love to hear more about everyone's plans.... welcome bags (where are you finding everything?) etc. Where are you guys spending your honeymooon (if you are taking one)? We are thinking of just spending a few nights on a different island in the turks....i need to start researching! overwhelmed bride to be
  4. Hello, We have finally set our date....10.12.12 at the Veranda in the Turks....SO excited! I would love to hear what people are doing for music. i've emailed a couple of people and they are not very quick to respond. Does anyone have good band recommendations? Thank you!
  5. I am excited to read about the T&C brides planning! We have just decided that we are getting married in T&C this October (we were slow making the final decision). Now that we know this much, we have to work out all the other details! I would love recommendations for photography and for a band for our reception. Let me know! Thank you!
  6. Congrats! I too am planning an October wedding (and we don't have our place yet) so you are one step ahead!! Same as Katie2012, we used wedding window for our website. It's not free, but there are so many options on how you can customize it to what you need that I really liked the flexibility. I figure, it's like a save the date (though we'll do those too) so it can go under "invitations" in the budget! And even though we don't have a location just yet, it was helpful to send the website just letting people know that we're getting married in October and we'll keep them posted about the details. We also did a "poll" to gauge how many people were interested in coming, and that's been helpful. You can also see how many people have been visiting your site, so you know if people are checking. happy planning!
  7. Hello! Okay, we've been engaged now since the end of December and we've been trying to find a place for our destination wedding ever since! We were first stuck on Aruba (guaranteed good weather) but I'm not loving the hi-rise options, and some of the low-rise resorts have not had the best packages. Now I'm really liking the Turks, but I'm not sure what venue. I love the island (i had first ruled it out b/c there is no direct flight from Boston, now i don't care). Are there any brides out there who have recently been married in the Turks that loved it? I've found some threads, but they were a little outdated. I'm looking for a low-rise location (any island) with an intimate feel that someone has been married at and loved (preferably all-inclusive, but that's not a must)! Also, can anyone recommend a good travel agent? I've spoke with three and have been quite underwhelmed. And I've been getting better prices reaching out to these resorts on my own than with an agent. Should I not use a TA at all? Any/all suggestions welcome! Thanks so much!!
  8. Hello! We am looking into getting married at the Divi in October 2012. Where did you have your reception? which location did you stay at? I"m so curious and can't seem to find too much about the Divi on this site. Thank you!!!!
  9. We are looking at the Divi Aruba. I've been there a bunch with my family, but never seen any weddings. How are you finding the planning going? Are you doing a band or DJ? are you getting married on the beach? are you doing the all-inclusive? how many guests do you have? (sorry...i'm just getting started, so i have so many questions!!!) Let me know, thank you!!
  10. Thank you! I'll check out that thread. we're down to aruba, turks & punta cana, but really leaning aruba. we're expecting 100 guests (yikes)! i'm leaning all inclusive b/c I think that will be more economical for our guests (divi divi, westin or marriott). hopefully we'll decide soon! Thanks again!
  11. We are looking to get married in October 2012 and are seriously considering the Divi. I would love to hear more about your experience in having your wedding there. Thank you!
  12. Thank you for all the tips! The links have been helpful in my research. Katie2012, where are you getting married in Aruba? I've been there a bunch and love it, but I thought it might be pricey for my guests. Would love to hear what you found. thank you!
  13. Thank you for all the tips! The links have been helpful in my research. Katie2012, where are you getting married in Aruba? I've been there a bunch and love it, but I thought it might be pricey for my guests. Would love to hear what you found. thank you!
  14. Thank you! I will keep on reading! I am really liking St. Lucia/ Antigua and Aruba..... we'll see!
  15. We are recently engaged and decided that we wanted to do a destination wedding. The only place we ruled out is Mexico, and now we're doing research to decide where to go. I've been reading all the forums on the various locations/resorts, but I'm finding it a bit overwhelming. Any advice on how to select our destination? Or a good travel agent to work with to help us? Thank you!!
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