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  1. We had the French for our wedding...absolutely delicious!!!!!!!!!! highly recommend
  2. Hi Jenni! Marvin sent some options, I told him our colours and he sent at least 6 different options on what would look good. I was very pleased with his services and he wasn't expensive!!! Especially since I got the complimentary bouquet from BP. I got my mom and mother in law corsages! We surprised them with them on the wedding day- they were very happy! I wish you the best of luck!
  3. Hi Kristie, No we didn't! We didn't even know we were going to have a chandelier. We asked for the white arched drapery and we weren't charged extra. We had no clue about the lanterns on the aisle either!!! I would use one of my pictures of it and send it to your coordinator and state that I didn't pay extra for this!!! Not sure if you got the link to our photos jamesandkalie.mattkennedy.ca. Once we were 3 weeks prior to our wedding date, we got a new onsite wedding coordinator. If you have rebecca- she is fantastic! She will be able to help you with what you want! Yes- they changed their answers all the time as well but closer to the date, it got better.
  4. Thanks! we set up a time with Marvin and confirmed once we got to the resort by emailing him our room # in case. He was in the front foyer (not in the lobby) and it wasn't a problem what so ever! He isn't setting anything up so it wasnt going to be an outside vendor fee. He just dropped the flowers off! About the lanterns, we had no idea they were going to be there! I guess thats what is included in the complimetary package. We were very happy with the complimentary package. The background is so beautiful that everyone forgets what the actual ceremony set up looks like. The ocean in the background and the lagoon view on the other side is breathtaking. We wanted to spend our money on other things such as a DJ, constellation lights, etc. Our wedding ceremony was about 15 minutes. It was super short. We had a fake signing because we legally got married before in Vancouver, Canada. We didn't want to have to draw blood, have a few witnessess and pay more than we had too. Our priest or whatever they are called, was excellent. He stood away from us so he wasn;t in any of our pictures. Most marriage commissioners stand behind the bride and groom- so that was great! My advice, Do the complimentary package- it's beautiful! Spend your money at the reception instead, but not a lot!! save it for another honeymoon down the road thats what we are doing. Have fun! I wasn't stressed out at all, minus how my hair would turn out. Beach Palace is fabulous!! Any other questions, I would be happy to answer! I have the wedding blues now...back to reality!!!!
  5. 1) Who was your photographer? We brought our Photographer with us. Matt Kennedy Photography in Vancouver, BC, Canada ( He does destination weddings everywhere for a reasonable price) 2) My bridesmaid dresses are almost the exact same color as your bridesmaids (royal purple). Did you purchase bridesmaid flowers at the hotel for your bridesmaids? I love the mix of pinks and purples in your bridesmaid bouquets. I was thinking of buying silk flowers for my bridesmaids and bringing them down to Mexico with me. Beach Palace wants to charge an arm and a leg for maid of honor bouquets, etc...so I was just wondering what you did here? We got our flowers from Marvin, they were $300 for 3 bridesmaid bouquets, 4 boutineres(sp) and 2 wrist corsages. He dropped them off at the lobby so we didnt have to pay an outside vendor fee. His email is Marvin@mayafloral.com. He was super responsive and fantastic! 3) Did you receive the wedding benefits? Free reception, cocktail hour, etc...? If not, how much did it cost you for the reception? yes, we received all the free unlimited functions. There was a small set up fee I believe. 4) Did you use Zuniga for reception decor? I have contacted them to do floating candles in the pool, lights under the tables, etc, so I was just wondering what you used? We used creative cancun. Is that the same thing? we got the constellation lights for the table and beach palace provided us with table numbers and that was it! It looked beautiful! That was it- no centre pieces and we were super pleased! 5) What is the name of the terrace where you had the reception? I want my reception at this rooftop pool as well. We had it on the north sky terrace. It was beautiful! perfect spot. (it was facing the lagoon view but the sun was already down by the time we had our reception) 6) Did you have a DJ, or did you just do the ipod and speakers through PSAV? We used PSAV- they provided us with lights and DJ service for 4 hours. They were really good ( super loud speakers). But honestly, you can get away with IPOD and just rent 2 speakers and a mic. We just didnt want to designate someone to changing the music for us. And we needed the extra lighting because the sun set at 5:15pm. For the spa. I had a hair/makeup trial 2 days before with Patrica. She did a fantastic job. Hair/makeup was my only stress planning this wedding. I had her on the wedding day as well. I ended using all of my $300 resort credits for spa on my hair/makeup. So it was all free minus the tips I gave her. I booked my hair/makeup trial and wedding day in advance. When I got to the resort I changed it to use my resort credits so definitely take advantage of that!!! I read somewhere on here that someone paid $450 for hair/makeup from an outside vendor- THAT'S INSANE!!!! So I basically said in advance that I will pay with mastercard to get my hair/makeup done and changed it once we arrived. My sister also got her hair done from another lady and she did a fantastic job! We had Rebecca as our wedding coordinator. She was excellent. Really on top of everything. My complimentary bouquet of ivory roses was so beautiful. Our photographer couldn't believe how nice they were for a complementary package. The ceremony was simple yet elegant and that was complimentary. The setting is so beautiful so we didn't need to spend a lot of money on a package. Overall, it was what we expected and more. We chose the French buffet for our wedding dinner and it was soooooo delicious!!!!!! ask any other questions!! I want to go back!
  6. I put some pictures up on my profile You can also check them out at jamesandkalie.mattkennedy.ca
  7. We Just used PSAV for our DJ last week for our wedding and we did not have to pay any outside vendor. They are preferred by Beach palace and seemed very loved by everyone who works at Beach palace.
  8. I will officially be a Beach palace bride next Wednesday Dec 5th We leave on Sunday. I will post when I get back my experience as well as pictures!!! ahhh can't believe it is finally here!
  9. Hi Kristie, The DJ service came to $1589 including everything. You don't need to pay an outside vendor fee as well because they work with Palace resorts. We booked him for 4 hours from 630-1030pm. I believe there are cheaper packages and depending on what you want. We wanted to go with a DJ because even if we brought our ipod, we still would have had to pay for speakers and a mic which I don't remember the exact price. And also, to designate someone to work the ipod. We just want everyone to have a great time and we don't want to put anyone to work. Especially since everyone paid a good chunk of money to come to our wedding. The extra lighting the DJ will be providing will help us out because it will be dark early in December. So the DJ service was a YES for us!! DJ PSAV contact is dalvarez@PSAV.COM. We got a decent price for Creative Cancun for our constellation lights because we are having a December wedding (off season) and we negotiated the price. So by having creative cancun come and set up all the lights and reception decor- we don't have to pay a set up fee to the resort nor an outside vendor fee because they work hand in hand with Palace resorts. Since we booked before the changes to the resort credits (we booked last January)- we are getting 4 hours free reception, they changed it to 2 hours unlimited private function then to pay each person/table per hour for any additional hours. So we were lucky! and we also don't have to pay taxes on our resort credits because we booked before the new changes. That saved us a lot of money as well! For my hair, we are allowed to use $300 resort credits for the spa services. So since I am getting a hair/makeup trial 2 days before hand and then Getting my hair/makeup done on our wedding day. I booked both! I will using my resort credits for one of those and paying for the other. They say you have to wait until you get to the resort, but being a bride, you will be able to make an appointment to secure a spot. Since you have already booked with someone else, then that's great!!! Any other questions, please feel free to ask! This time 3 weeks from now will be our rehearsal dinner on the beach time has just flown by!! So happy planning K
  10. Hi Ladies, I am getting married at Beach Palace on Dec 5, 2012. We leave on the 2nd!! 3 weeks away at this point. I have a question, who is Norma? she is coming to the resort to do makeup? Is this an outside vendor? I booked a hair/makeup trial with the resort and then another appointment for my wedding day. That is the only stress I have; my hair and make up!! I am using my $1500 resort credits for both. Also, Marvin is coming to drop off flowers, he is fantastic and reasonably priced. No outside vendor fee as well. We have 38 people so we get unlimited private functions. We are having a rehearsal dinner on the beach 2 days before the wedding. That was $6 per person set up fee I believe. We also got 2 doves to release in honour of my fiancés father who recently passed away. $300. We decided to go with DJ PSAV, much cheaper and he is providing lights since it will be dark to start our reception. We are having constellation lights under the tables (creative cancun). They look really nice and it will help with lighting. Therefore, we won't need centre pieces. We went with the complimentary package. We have a photographer friend that is coming. In total for everything at Beach palace: set up fees, ceremony, reception, dj, constellation lights, rehearsal dinner- it cost us $3,500. If you have any questions, please ask away!!! I will post some pictures when I return!
  11. How is the salon services at Beach Palace? I booked a hair/makeup trial 2 days before the wedding to see if I like it.
  12. We are getting married in early December and will not be doing an official wedding. Do we need to bring anything special from home or do anything before we leave.
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    Beach Palace in Cancun???

    But you can still choose the complementary package right? Then design your wedding from there.