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  1. Hi Jenny, We flew our photographer with us. He's from Vancouver Island in Canada. If you like our pictures and if you are willing to fly him out, he is available for travel. You can contact him at http://jonmarkphoto.com/. We brought about 26 lanterns in an assortment of sizes in 3 different colours. Thank you for your well wishes and I hope you have the wedding of your dreams.
  2. Hi Ladies, My wedding was at Azul Sensatori on June 25th, 2013. The resort was incredible and our wedding day was perfect. I just posted a review for them. Here are a few pictures so you have an idea what to expect and to get some of your own ideas flowing. The planning and not knowing can be stressful. Hope this eases a few of you ladies out there. If you have any questions please feel free to ask. Lomas rep Janet coming to my room to drop off the bouquets. Our ceremony at Zocalo Beach. We made butterfly hand fans for our guest. Dropped them off at the wedding department for them to include in the ceremony setup. Our harpist for the ceremony The flowers on the chuppah is taken down after the ceremony and used as decoration at the guest signing table and the cake cutting table at the reception. Champagne after the wedding Our cake from the resort. We brought the lanterns and lights around the pole down with us to the resort. I shared these decorations with another bride whom I met on this forum. She made my menu cards. Her wedding was a few day after mine so I just left my decorations for her at the wedding department. This was a great idea so we didn't have to carry so much stuff with us. Everything worked out perfectly. Looks dark here but the reception area is pretty well lit as dinner was being served. It was still hot at night so my guest decided to have a dip in the pool
  3. Here is a teaser from our TTD session. Jon-Mark Wiltshire, our photographer was absolutely amazing. Can't wait to see the rest of the photos....hopefully in about a month.
  4. Hi, I was the other lucky bride that you bumped into. We all had the time of our lives at the resort. Everything was absolutely wonderful and perfect. We could not have been any happier. Everyone said the resort was absolutely amazing. A full review and pictures will come soon.
  5. One more month to go before I fly to Azul!!!! Getting super excited but still so much to do. I have a few questions hoping that past brides can help. Where did you guys to your TTD? We are thinking of staying at the resort to do TTD. Is there a specific pool or beach area with less people? I guess early morning would have less traffic right? I'm travelling with 34 people and I was wondering if past brides stayed near a specific area all the time so that people can find you. Or did you just roam about? Was it hard to coordinate lunches and dinner with different groups of family and friends? OR did you have to pre-plan meals with different groups? DId anyone pay for wifi for their guest? Was it worth it because I've been to other resort but the wifi was weak? Thank you in advance!
  6. Hey Ladies, For those of you who did TTD, did you guys do it the very next day? What time did you guys start? We want to do a few shots on the beach and in the pool but we want to have as few people as possible so I I know we have to do it early but just not sure how early? Any suggestions would be much appreciated.
  7. Thank you for answering my questions, Murmel and DawnDean. Nobody mentioned anything about bride and groom getting complimentary wifi. I've asked Erika but she did not mention complimentary wifi for bride and groom. She told me to speak with the onsite coordinator.
  8. For all of u brides who have been to AS, do u have to make reservations at the restaurants and is it unlimited? Meaning can u go to the restaurants multiple time a day. My friend told me that she thought we are just served breakfast, lunch and dinner? Can we eat breakfast at one restaurant and go to another one to eat breakfast again? How about room service? Is that free? How much is wifi? Is there a group rate or a discount for large groups?
  9. For all the ladies who have done TTD sessions, did your dress survive? My dress has a lot of beading on it so I'm afraid it might all wash off. I would need to wear the same dress for our AHR. Did any of you ladies do a TTD session and was able to wear the same dress for your AHR?
  10. Hey MMK0386, I am going to bring my own stringed lights for the poles. Got them super cheap from ikea. You can borrow them too.
  11. Hi, did anyone incorporate sparklers for their ceremony and receptions? I would like to do it but was warned by my WC that I may encounter some problems at customs. She suggested that I purchase sparklers through the resort. Has anyone brought sparklers down for their wedding? Any problems with customs?
  12. Congratulations tkuzma! Thank you for posting the review. It helped relieve a lot of stress. I saw that you flew Sunwing. I will be flying out of Vancouver on Sunwing as well. Did you make any prior arrangements to carry on your dress?
  13. Congrats tkuzma. Sounds like you had a wonderful time. You certainly have put me at ease and relieved a lot of stress. I saw that you flew Sunwing, I will be flying Sunwing from Vancouver to Cancun. Did you have any problem hand carrying your dress on board? Did you have any prior arrangements with them in regards to your dress?
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