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  1. Do not use Debra Gullette of "Designer Destination Wedding planners." She is unethical and will take your money without doing the work. She charges 3500 to 4000 to work w the vendors in other countries and then complained about having to make phone calls over seas. I lost my wedding date because she failed to pay the deposit on time. She lies to the people at th resort to get discounts and your stuck w the bill when they dicover the truth. When I finally had enough of the games and found another planner travel agent, I. Told her about my experience with Debra and she knew who I was speaking of before I ever mentioned Debra's name. My new planner ssays that she has received numerous brides that have had similar experiences with Debra. I regret that I fell for her charming personality and didn't do my research to uncover her repuation in the industry. Do ur research before falliing victim to the charm of a horrible wedding planner.
  2. I would Greatly appreciate info from anyone whom has had a wedding at Cabo Azul recently or plans to have one there in the near future:eek:
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