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  1. My sister in law brought her 2 children - her boy is 1.5 year and her girl is almost 4 years
  2. We didnt pick any of the songs for the ceremony at all, I didnt know we could to be honest. They never showed us a list, but than again we didnt ask either. But it all worked out, whatever they played was very fitting and very bridal. So no complains there.
  3. We had the violist and he played I think "Pachelbel - Canon in D" when my Maid of Honor walked out and "Here comes the bride" for me. But I'm not 100% sure, all I know is it sounded great when I was walking down the aisle.
  4. I forgot to mention we got the wooden walkway setup, so I believe that included the flowers on the gazebo. I know we didn't get charged for it, because I didn't see it on our final bill.
  5. @chrisdeluca - we had the devine package and the flowers that were on the gazebo came with it, as well as the centerpiece, which we later used on our sweetheart table. Hope this helps.
  6. The little boxes are favor boxes I made and brought with me. I also brought a lot of candles, Luminary bags and electric candles that Luisa put all around the terrace, but unfortuntaley there arent any pictures of it, because they got soaked when it rained. )= I ordered the flowers that you see on the table from the resort. They were $140 a piece. I also brought the cake topper and the small flower decorations for the cake. I wanted to bring as much as I can with me, so I dont have to pay anything extra, I felt like the resort charged a lot for little things.
  7. Hey Guys, we just got back from Punta Cana and we had the time of our lives! So much fun. Our wedding was amazing and I can just say that all the worrying was for nothing. Here is our story. We arrived on wednesday and stayed at one of the suites, which were so nice. We did upgrade for the Preferred service, which I can only recommend. Luisa was our wedding coordinator and she went above and beyond to make our wedding special. We met with her on thursday and went thru all the details, flowers, food, decorations. I gave her my suitcase full of decocations and we did a walk thru at the fountain and our reception location. We had our reception at the carnival terrace, which was a perfect size for our 27 guests. At the day the wedding, we got ready in the Bridal Room, which is located in the Spa. I had my hair and make up trail the day before and I'm so happy that I did that. My hair & make up turned out fantastic. Luisa organized and took care of everything, all I really did was getting ready and show up. The ceremony was at the fountain at 5:00 PM. It was still a little warm & humid, but we didnt care. Ceremony was short & sweet. As for the reception - we choose Carnival Terrace for our reception, it was decorated so beautifully. The only thing was that it poured down rain for about 5 minutes right after we opened the buffet. Everything was wet and they had to change the chair covers, etc. I was kinda bummed out about it, but it seemed like all of our guests didnt mind it and just said it was good luck when it rains on your wedding. The buffet and the cake were soooo good! We hired Dj Mannia & HDC Photo, both were good, but I have to say we could've saved us the money for the DJ and just played an ipod, because we gave him a list of tracks beforehand and all he did was play them once by one, without really mixing. All I can say is to future brides dont stress out, because once you get there they will take care of everything. Also dont get upset if they dont reply to you right away, they get hundreds of emails daily and once you get close to your wedding date (2-3 weeks) they will response quicker. If anyone has any questions, please feel free to ask.
  8. Congrats to Prettyfinegirl & Skygirl !!! Thank you for sharing your experience and I cant wait to see some more pictures. Our big day is getting closer and closer, only 2.5 weeks to go - Luisa is my wedding coordinator and I feel like her English isnt the best, did anyone has/had her as WC? Also for the past brides, does anyone has pictures of the Carnival terrace? This is one of our reception options and I still have a hard time imaging how it would look like. We have 30 guests + 1 DJ. Does anyone know if it would be too crowed to do a reception there? Thank you guys!
  9. Skygirl - are you having the Diving Package? I thought Hair & Make Up is included.
  10. @ Inga - thank you so much for posting this. Our wedding is 2 month away and your post answered a few questions that I still had. Could you please foward me the pictures that they send you. (if any) sclajus@hotmail.com Thank you so much,
  11. @ Jennifer 8913 - I'm bringing a bunch of candles, candles holders and decoration for our reception. We are going to have 3 round tables and one sweetheart table. I sent Mercy a picture of a rose centerpiece that I wanted and she quoted me $140 per table. Its pricey, but I feel like it would look a little empty without flowers. Fake flowers just dont do it for me. I say bring as much as you can, cause they will charge you for everything and anything. BTW - did any of the past brides used sparklers? I would realloy want some for our last dance, but I'm not sure if you're even allowed to bring them down there with you.
  12. Hey ladies, I hope everyone is doing good. Thank you to the past brides that have been sharing their experience, you have no idea how much that helps. We've got 3 more month to go and I'm actually feeling pretty relaxed. The only thing I'm waiting for is my dress. ahhhhhh. Here is a gallery from a past bride, that she asked me to share with you guys. hdcphoto.com Username: joannaandalex password:nowlarimar @redrover098: are you having a catholic wedding?
  13. first of all congrats to both of you!! and thank you for sharing your experience, lord knows I need any information i can get. Bride 2 B - could you maybe email me your pictures, for some reason i dont have permission to see them sclajus@hotmail.com @ Vizionme101 - Congrats on your wedding. I'm thinking of doing the cocktail hour at the Disco as well. When did you do your cocktail hour? When did you have your ceremony, cocktail hour and reception? to both of you guys: do you have any pictures of the Terrace at the Carnival Buffet? Its one of the options for the reception area that Mercy gave me.
  14. @ Bride 2 B - Good luck and congratualtions! Cant wait to hear all about it. To all other brides, here is a small advice. I feel like Mercy (my wedding coordinator) answers my questions quicker when I put them in bulletpoints, and all she does is put the answer behind it. Here are a few that I have asked. 1. Is there a free shuttle or bus for our guests from and to the airport?! If not, what is the cost? We do not provide transportation service. For this information we suggest to contact your travel agent. 2. Is it possible to arrange a dinner for our guests the night before the wedding at one of the restaurants? Yes!! We can reserve a space in one of our open restaurants a la carte (upon availability), for groups up to 25 people. In case that you have more than 25 people for your rehearsal dinner, we can offer you a reservation in our Carnival International Caf? (buffet style restaurant). In both cases, the set up will be individual tables, for up to 8 people each one. 3. If we choose plated dinner for the reception, is it true that everyone has to eat the same thing? Yes!! A set menu is mandatory for private dinners. 4. What are our plated dinner options for the reception? You can make your selections for dinner menu from the Divine Dinner Package. Please see the information in our wedding guide. http://www.amresorts.com/wedding_guides/nolpc-wedding-guide.pdf 5. How many people fit on the Terrace? Up to 35 people. 6. Is there enough space for a dance floor and the DJ. There is an space that we use as dance area, and a dance floor won’t be necessary. 7. Do you have any kind of decorations? Please let me know what you would like exactly, in order to verify with our suppliers and get a quotation. 8. Is the pool area still available on our date, if we change our mind? Yes!! By now is available, on a first come first served basis. Please let me know if you want this area instead of the Carnival Terrace, in order to take note. 9. We would like to request pink roses for my flowers, is there an extra charge? No, it does not have an extra charge for pink roses.
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