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  1. The decorations don't really vary between packages from what I saw. They put up the ribbons on the gazebo (no charge), they have white slip covers on the chairs (no charge). They will provide chair sashes at a charge of $3 per chair or you can bring your own. I got mine online for about 55 cents/sash. Depending on the package you are also provided with a floral centerpiece.
  2. I am not sure about the other wedding packages but if you get the Unforgettable package there is a little musical trio (steel drums) that play before and after the ceremony so you don't have to worry about music.
  3. To be honest, we never got the turn down service as our son was asleep before 8 each night even though we told them several times about this so they never came early. Normal turn down service is that they come in, in the evening and turn down the corners of the bed and usually lay the robes (if in your suite) on the bed. I imagine luxury includes some towel art. The night of the wedding they did go in early and sprinkled the bed with rose petals, did towel art and turned down the sheets. The breakfast in bed was disappointing as they only do toast, fruit, yogurt. I wanted some eggs but they said I would have to go to the buffet. The toast arrived soggy as they wrap the plate in plastic wrap and fruit and yogurt was nothing special. That being said, I think the package was good value for what we got the day of the wedding compared to other resorts that charge thousands. We really enjoyed the romantic dinner for two that is on the deck over looking the water at Dolce Vita. We ended up having the entire deck to ourselves and it was so lovely just to enjoy the view, drink champagne and enjoy the food. It was a lot of seafood which my husband doesn't really like but the waiter asked us if we were okay with the menu and offered substitutes for the soups and salads.
  4. We brought a CD and they played it. You can list which track you want for the MOH and then for yourself. They don't have an Ipod dock that I know of. We used Bach's Cello Suite and just let it play from the minute my MOH walked down and then to me. It was so beautiful - have a listen to it on Youtube
  5. I can't actually give you a reference number as Chandlyn showed me the book and then asked what my wedding colours were and suggested some orchids and this is what they brought me. Honestly I would just trust them. I don't think the pictures in the catalouge do any justice to what the flower shop can really do.
  6. We paid $42 for the MOH bouquet and $15 for the extra boutinniere
  7. Thanks! I didn't upgrade my flowers - that is the free bouquet from Tai Flora. We did purchase another bouquet for my MOH and it was exactly the same just a little smaller.
  8. Thanks! Yes, they did take the chair sashes to The Grill and if you have party favours they will put those out too.
  9. I just got back from getting married at the Gran Bahia on 25 May. We had a 4pm wedding and it was just amazing. For anyone that is panicking - don't. The wedding team knows what they are doing and they are there to make your day special. We arrived a week before our wedding and we had guests (27 of them) arrive all week so it was really nice to have new faces to see each day. We have an 8 month old son and he had some many people that wanted to play with him in the water. We were upgraded to the Golden Club with our Unforgettable package and briefly considered upgrading to Don Pablo but in the end it would have been a waste not being able to use the exclusive areas and not hang out with our guests. On the day of the wedding, my MOH, mother of the groom and my mom headed to the spa for 1:30 to get hair and make up done. We were suppose to be back at my MOH's room for 3 pm for pictures with the resort photographer but we didn't get out of there until 3:15 which wasn't really a big deal even though everyone was looking for us! The Spa did a wonderful job of the hair and makeup and I couldn't have been more pleased. Having a little one complicated things slightly as he needed to be fed before walking down the aisle but photographer waited until that was done and I was in my dress. I am not sure what time we got down to the lobby but we were a little late as it was and the wedding cart got blocked in by some tour buses which totally didn't stress me out. My dad was stressed but I told him if we wanted to get married on time we would have gotten married in Germany! Finally we were on our way about 4:15. The Gazebo looked stunning and I am so glad I brought my own chair sashes - the fuchsia really stood out against the background of the sea. The ceremony was really lovely and the minister was just great. He told my fiance not to turn around until my Dad and I arrived at the chairs even though all the guests were telling him to turn around - I thought it was a nice touch. The ceremony lasted about 15 minutes and was fairly religious but that didn't matter to us. Right after the ceremony we had the champagne toast and then some family pictures all the while the steel band that - was part of our package - played. We then cut the cake and had some more champagne before our session with the photographer started. We had an hour with him and we had such a good time. We had Christopher lee and he made us feel really at ease. From there, we went straight to our dinner at The Garden Grille. We were seated along one side of the restaurant with the head table in between the two tables of our guests. We weren't facing them which was a bit of shame but the way the restaurant is set up they couldn't really do that. The food was excellent and the portion sizes were just perfect. Someone on here mentioned they were very small and their guests headed to the buffet after - I don't see how. The wedding cake was served with the cheesecake and they could have just served cake as it was just delicious! After the dinner and after we put our little guy to bed we met our guests back in the Daquiri Bar off the lobby and had a wonderful time. We didn't have late night but the rest of our guests headed out to the disco after 11 pm and were out until 3 or 4 am. It was truly the most special day and everyone at the resort works hard to make you feel special.
  10. The Don Pablo Collection is an exclusive area of the hotel - not to be confused with the Don Pablo restaurant. There is a section of the pool that is just for those rooms, butler service, a private club lounge in the hotel to relax. They have numerous other benefits. We just got married there last Saturday and perhaps if we didn't have 27 other guests we wanted to spend time with we would have upgraded from the Golden Club.
  11. JayKay on this forum told me she used the resort spa and so did SarahJ and I think they looked beautiful so I am not worried. Rashel tried to scare me into using her by saying get your hair done by the resort but not make up. Fair enough to her - her work is very good and if my budget was unlimited I would have booked her. I am confident the spa will do a good job. I am getting married in almost 2 weeks so I will let you know!
  12. She gave me the same quote. In the end it wasn't much of a cost savings to the resort so I decided not to use her.
  13. Hi there - can any past bride let me know if their dress was pressed prior to the wedding day?
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