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  1. Thank you Lyman!! I figure why not splurg a little to look beautiful on your big day!! I had so much fun planning and loved the way I felt during our wedding, Im already thinking of renewing our vows! =)
  2. Being undecisive makes everything so much more difficult! I was the same way! I was second guessing everything! I did so much research that I felt like I went into information overload! Thankfully, I hired a wedding planner (Luisa from Weddings Riviera Maya) and between her and my husband, I stayed sane! I think once you pick out a location and set a date, you're able to breath a little easier. Those two, along with the dress, were my biggest priorities! Thankfully, I had my dress before the location and date Haha. When I couldnt make a decision, I would narrow my choices down, from 10 to about 3 and then I would have my husband give the final say. We did this with our photographer and I think my husband make the best decision!! With flowers, I had an idea and would show my husband pictures and thankfully he was able to say yes or no with just one look! In regards to your location, maybe look under the forums for those specific locations and see whats being said. Also, look at weather and activities; one location may stand out more than another! I know that when we were planning our vacation (the one where my husband proposed to me) our options were Puerto Vallarta, Cabo or Playa del Carmen. After reading about the locations and talking with friends, we decided to go to Playa because the water was warmer and the water was better for swimming/snorkeling in that area. Good luck with the planning!
  3. I traveled with my dress from Las Vegas to Cancun with a layover in Atlanta. My husband didnt see my garment bag until the night before we left. He took one look at it and said "there's no way they're letting you on with that" So, I spent the night before awake with fear I wouldnt be able to carry my dress on. Needless to say, everyone was very accommodating. I made sure to speak with the person at the ticket counter, before they started to let people on, and kindly asked if they would let me to board first so i could make sure there was room in an over head compartment. Every person said of course and let me on first. One flight attendant even offered to let me use the first class closet. When I had to put my dress in the over head compartment, I did have to fold it in half. I expected to have it steamed when i arrived, so I wasn't too worried about wrinkles.
  4. Hi! I know what you mean about small costs adding up. I didnt realize how much hair and make up would be when I started looking around. My mom and I both used Styling Trio Riviera for our hair and make up. I couldn't have been happier with the way our hair and make up turned out. Yes, they are a bit more pricey than others around, but its for a reason. I really like the airbrush make-up. My biggest fear was sweating my make-up away and it looking smeared/smudged during pictures. Another plus? Adrian air brushed my tan lines!I wore a sweat heart neck and tried my hardest to avoid tan lines for the wedding, unfortunately I had some tan lines, but he took care of them for me! Look at it this way, your hair, make-up and photographer are still super important parts of the wedding budget. They are the ones that are making you beautiful while capturing your day. The price your pay for them now will be priceless when you look and swoon at your pictures year after year! I used Sascha Gluck as my photographer and LOVED him. Him and his assistant made me and my husband feel at ease in front of the camera. Hes a great person to work with!!
  5. I used Zaida from Cancun. I'll agree that the transportation fee is high and so was the fee for the cake tasting (seemed strange to charge) but her designs are AMAZING. I think it all depends on your design- if you want something more detailed, you have to find someone that has that ability. My wedding planner provided me with the info of two different vendors. Once I showed her the cake I wanted, she thought Zaida was the better fit for my needs simply due to her ability to design more complex cakes. I agree her prices are high, but her work is amazing and tasty. I thought i knew what flavor I wanted, but went a different direction after trying her delicious cakes. Her flavor combinations are creative too. Good luck ladies!
  6. Hi, I wish I had seen this sooner! Hopefully you've made the decision to work with Luisa. I used Luisa and LOVE her. I was married in November at Grand Coral and her and her team made our day absolutely perfect. She made sure to keep my nerves calm by scheduling phone calls and answering my emails in a timely manner. It's nerve wracking having someone in another country plan your entire wedding, thankfully, Luisa has been doing this for a long time and knows the ins and outs. She guided me through the whole process and kept me at ease. I couldn't have asked for a more perfect wedding. Everything I imagined, she was able to make happen. If some of my thoughts weren't doable, she always gave great suggestions. In the months before the wedding, I communicated with her so much via email, when I met her, I felt like she was a friend, not my wedding planner. Luisa has a great heart and loves what she does and it shows through in the great work she does. I would definitely recommend Luisa and her team to anyone planning to get married in the Riviera Maya. I may even use her again for my vow renewal in a few years (ssshhhhh don't tell my husband, he doesn't know yet)
  7. Yzzel, I used the DJ my planner recommended, Orlando Paz (Orly Mixer). I was happy with him. He gave me 3 sheets to fill out to get an idea of what kind of music my husband and I wanted. He was very detailed. He did a good job of feeling out the crowd and took suggestions. Danay, I did use their deck as my dance floor and it worked out wonderfully! I'm not sure how many guests you're having, but for us the size if the area was great. We had a small wedding (33 people) so we had some free space. Are you ladies using a planner/coordinator? Are you using Grand Coral as both a ceremony and reception site? Who have you ladies picked for your photographer? Anything else I can help with, please let me know!! Melissa
  8. Yzzel, Just had my wedding there on Friday, November 2nd. We flew in on Monday and did the tasting Wednesday. I was so incredibly nervous about the food, especially since I did the tasting 2 days before the wedding! I had given my planner some suggestions and she gave them to Luis. Luis blew us away during the tasting!!!! He went above and beyond our expectations. Im very picky about food and I was pleased with EVERYTHING he made for us. Our guests were equally pleased with their meals during the wedding. Luis is great at what he does! He is creative and open to suggestions! I know exactly how you feel about being nervous with the wedding being so close, but you're in good hands with Luis and his incredible staff!! About where guests stayed- Our guests stayed in various places in Playa and we arranged for vans to pick them up at their hotels. If you ladies have any questions, feel free to PM!
  9. I just had my wedding at Grand Coral on Friday, 11/2/12 and I have to say the place is AMAZING! When choosing a venue last year, I had 2 requirements--private location and good food. Grand Coral was a perfect match! My planner Luisa Clemente and her team put on our dream wedding. Luis, the chef at Grand Coral, did a great job with the food as well. He went above and beyond my expectations. Every single one of our guests raved about the ceremony, venue and food. I have an aunt that is retiring soon and mentioned having her retirement party at Grand Coral and another aunt considering renewing her vows there! If you have any questions, please feel free to PM me =) Happy planning!
  10. Matt, Thank you so much for the ideas!!! I love the starfish place cards! I ended up color coordinating the place cards with the entrees i.e. blue for seafood, green for vegetarian and brown for beef. My fiance and I made the place card holders out of corks we've been saving. We're just going to put the cards on a table and let people decide where they want to sit. Thanks again for the pictures!
  11. Such a great idea for place cards! Im having the same issue if not making assigned seating but figuring out a way to let the servers know what entree everyone selected.
  12. Yeas, Ive combed through all the reviews and im still having a tough time deciding on just one, since they both have gotten such great reviews. i was just hoping to get some input from brides who have used them.
  13. My fiance and I have narrowed down our choices to Sascha Gluck, Claudia Rodriguez or Citlalli Rico. It was difficult narrowing down the list from 7 to now 3, but its becoming even more difficult choosing 1!! Any input would be really helpful!! Thanks!
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