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  1. Annettea - Room upgrade. I guess since we already booked an ocean front room they don't upgrade to ocean front preferred. They offered ocean view preferred but the lady at check in said ours was better. Just to clarify, we did pay for the photobooth. We were able to negotiate one hour $250 outside of the wedding package. I would suggest maybe negotiating directly with Adventure Photos once you are there. Pilar does not really get involved. Susannah, I don't have a close up picture of my make-up. I think they did a great job with the eye makeup, not too much. But the foundation was too much and my red nose (from the sun) came through in my pics after I sweated it off. I would just ask them to go easy if you don't want the foundation heavy.
  2. Thanks ladies! I did bring a picture for my hair but not for my makeup. I didn't have a specific idea, but communication was not an issue at the salon. My reception ended at 9:30. I went back to the room to change after the reception so when I got to the disco my guests were all there so it was a good crowd. We went to the disco a few times and it was never very crowded until later (maybe 11). It helps to bring a crowd with you.
  3. Finished my review http://www.bestdestinationwedding.com/products/now-jade-riviera-cancun/reviews/7078 Feel free to ask me questions about anything I didn't mention
  4. One thing I forgot. The reception flew by and I found myself wishing I had extended it for an hour. We ended up in the 'disco' after but if I did it again I would have extended the reception.
  5. The package includes one centerpiece. I saw one centerpiece on my ceremony table and for some reason there was another once I got to the reception. So I got two but didn't pay for it.
  6. I had both LED lights and tea lights at my reception in the Bamboo room
  7. I kept looking for you too! My bridesmaid said she talked to you at the 'disco' and then someone mentioned you passed along best wishes at the reception. Glad everything went well. I did see your groomsman a few times and peaked at your reception (I think you were cutting the cake). You looked beautiful!!!!!
  8. Got back on Friday from 11 glorious days and an amazing wedding at the Now Jade. Like all other previous brides have told you, relax and Pilar and her staff are amazing. They take of everything and more. I plan on catching up on the thread and answering any questions I can and starting my review this afternoon. If you have any questions please let me know. I couldn't have planned a wedding without this thread and want to pay it forward. No official pictures yet, but here is a candid from my friend
  9. Hey ladies, Getting married this Saturday at the Now Jade. Originally leaving Wednesday but decided to move it up one day because of the potential snow storm in DC/Baltimore. Weather looks fantastic and although I haven't heard from Pilar much, keeping my fingers crossed that everything will run smoothly. Promise to write a detailed review and answer any questions upon my return. Michele
  10. So hopeful. My group loves to drink. Sounds perfect. Thank you!
  11. Me too!!! Do any past brides or anyone who has visited the resort know about their top shelf alcohol? Vodka brand, whiskey, etc?
  12. Getting married at the Now Jade in 12 days! Thanks so much for your review. I feel so calm after reading it!
  13. Did you add in the $350 outside vendor fee? I wanted to use an outside florist but decided it would ultimately be cheaper to just use the resort
  14. I am getting married at 4:30. Two of my bridesmaids and I are having both are hair and makeup done and the spa scheduled me for noon. My photographer wanted me ready in the room by 3 so they can take getting ready photos with my girls. Hope this helps. I can't wait for the mimosas!
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