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  1. we brought bows for the chairs, and fabric in our colour, and cake topper champagne flutes and knife set. Everything else they supplied. But be warned, it isnt very easy to get your things back, we chased around for 4 days and finally Paloma (the WC manager) let us into Eugenias office the sunday morning we were leaving to collect our belongings. You can order everything from their, but the material was so cheap here to buy, and we are using it again at our reception in town here. The other items we brought because they were gifts given to us, so we thought it would be nice to have them at the wedding. The tables were nicely set without us bringing anything.
  2. We just got back last night, and we had a great time overall. I thought I would give a kick review of our week. We Arrived on Sunday afternoon, and taken to the Royal Golden check in, it took quite a while for everyone to check in since we had a pretty large group, but we did get the room I requested which was great, We had an amazing ocean view. Monday we got together with our planner, and went through everything really quickly, and I gave her all of the items we had brought - minus the cake topper as it was very fragile. She told us we had 7 tables of ten for the dinner which we had discussed before coming down, and that the flowers would be sent to our room before 2, as we were doing our photos before the wedding, since it wasnt until 4, and it gets dark around 5. Tuesday - the big day I got up early met with the girls and had our hairdresser come to our room, it was a great morning, and then we had the girls flowers arrive around1 oclock (perfect). Once we went out to meet for pictures, the guys had not yet gotten their boutineers, so half the photos the guys arent even wearing them. At 2:45 my dad finally tracked down our planner and asked where the flowers were, and she told him she was busy and she had another wedding that day, My dad obviously got upset with that answer, as we were told that they can easily handle multiple weddings in a day, and we wouldnt even know another wedding was happening. So that upset me a little since she knew for months we had photos planned for 2. Oh well, small blip I guess in the day, but man I was irritating at the time. We went around for 1.5 hours getting photos - which are great, I was way happier with them then I expected I would be. And then went back to get ready for 4 oclock. It was super windy and raining on and off, but we decided to get moving. and have the wedding at the beach still. Luckily the rain held off until we were done most of the pictures after the ceremony. But we decided we better move the dance inside. Which I am glad we did - it rained all night on and off. The dance was great, and they did a nice set up in the room we had, but I would have really loved to have it by the pool. But in the end everyone had a great time still. We had Bijan come in to DJ, and he was great, he really read the crowd and had people dancing all night. I just wish we had booked an extra hour for the dance. But a bunch of us went off to the disco, and had a great time there until the wee hours. The resort was awesome and we had great weather the rest of the week, and they say rain on your wedding day is good luck We stayed two weeks and moved to an adults only resort, It was great to have that extra week to unwind after a very busy week. Thanks everyone for all of your help and ideas for the past year, I was on here daily checking to see what was happening. Dallas
  3. We have booked with Bijan, I have read a lot of great reviews, and so far he seems to be wonderful, he gets back to me in a timely manor, and gets a good feel of what type of music you want played. We leave in 10 days, so once we are back I will let you know how he was.
  4. Hi Sara I actually received an email from my WC today, and she said that we should bring our music in either cd format or on an ipod. I thought I would share the info. Dallas
  5. Hi Kirstin If you email your WC, she will send you the info early for you to look at. I have Eugenia, and she did for me. I didnt like any of the flowers they had sent as options, so I googled a bunch and sent several ideas her way, and then she came back with the pricing. Pretty much all were included in my package except the one I sent with Orchids, they were very pricy. Im am not sure how much say we have for cakes. We said what kind we wanted, and that was it. We didnt get a book of different styles. I think its just what the baker makes. Hope this helps a bit.
  6. thanks sunshine, we will try and hunt an old player down also and try to use our old computer to burn the cd.
  7. Hi Ladies What is the best format to bring our music down for the ceremony? We were planning to load it onto the ipod, but I wonder if burning a cd is the better route? Thanks Dallas
  8. The maximum for the unforgetable package is 100. Not sure about the others, but I imagine they are the same when they just have a minimum.
  9. I have been on and off of here, and once read about bringing fabric for the beach location. How much should I bring with me? I just can't hunt down that thread again
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