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  1. Hello ladies, I got married last month at the Now Larimar resort in Punta Cana. We used HDC photography for our wedding day and we couldn't be any happier with how beautiful our pictures turned out! We had sent them an email for info beforehand and Arnaud was great in responding quickly! the photographer we had that day (Carlos) was awesome! He was very nice and creative! We received our pictures in 2 days! Arnaud had come to our resort to show them to us on his laptop And had a cd ready for us in a DVD case, which they used one of our pics as the cover. I highly recommend them for your wedding day! They gave us something truly special to remember our big day!
  2. @ jbmarch2012 - I saw your wedding on the beach a couple of days after ours! You looked beautiful and so did the ceremony! Congrats!
  3. @Skygirl & suzzMF - We had our reception by the pool area with a plated dinner. There were only 10 of us, so that was the best option. We had chosen the caprese salad, beef consomme with vegetables julienne, beef tenderloin and the cannoli for dessert. All the food was pretty good. No one minded having the same thing, so that worked out for us. We ended up going with the dj from the resort, since it was more of a last minute decision. But glad we did! He already has a music library prepared, although if there is a specific song you want, make sure you ask ahead of time! We had our ceremony at the beach which was awesome! There are quite a few onlookers though but you honestly don't really notice it, when it's your day . The weather on our wedding day was perfect. We got really lucky since it did not rain at all and it was sunny with a nice breeze by the water. The last three days we were there, however, was really windy!! I brought several decorations with me such as our wedding favors, chair sashes, vases for the centerpieces and other small things for the reception table. For the most part, we brought all that stuff in our carry on and I also had my wedding dress as my carry on. A big must in my mind! We tried to avoid renting little things from the resort, as we found they were really overpriced! I tried to cover everything for the most part through email with Cristina, before we arrived. When we first arrived at the resort, there was a welcome letter by Cristina where she suggestsed a time to meet in person before the wedding. There she will take your decorations, if any, and go over the last few touches and confirm some things with you. Afterwards, she takes you on a tour of the locations you had chosen to show you where exactly everything will happen. Then she works her magic! I was very nervous for several months before the wedding since I didn't know what to expect and since it is hard to get a hold of them, let alone make sure everything makes sense on both ends. But not to worry, she knows what she is doing and tries her best to make your day special. Hopefully you have Cristina as your wedding coordinator! Here are some pics from our wedding. We had HDC do our photos, and they did an awesome job! I highly recommend them!
  4. Hello ladies! Well I have just returned from Punta Cana and had my wedding last week. I can say that my wedding turned out perfectly and Cristina was awesome! Everything worked out and I stressed at times, for nothing. The food was really good and the people were really nice. If you have any questions feel free to pm me. Happy planning!
  5. @ Alana, we arrive on April 9th and leave on April 16th. It is coming up real soon! I'm curious as to how much DJ Mannia charges vs. what the resort charges for their services...Where did you order your pearl strands?
  6. Hello Ladies! I am using this as my inspiration for my bouquet at my resort. Stargazer Lilies, Cala Lilies and Gerber Daisies. Our colours are Fuschia and Orange/Coral.
  7. Hello Ladies, Thanks so much for all of the info posted on this thread! I have been reading this thread for the past few months to help me prepare for my wedding on April 11th. @ Sani - We have recently gotten legally married, and we are also having a very small symbolic wedding of 10 people. We chose the "Now to Eternity" package since it included the dinner and some extra perks.We are still trying to decide where to have the reception, but are considering having the pool area or terrace, as we were also told that the restaurants are no longer an option for private dinner receptions. @ SommerC - We are on the fence with having a DJ at our reception, due to the size of our wedding. Do you mind telling me how much DJ Mannia charges for their services? I have spoken back and forth with Cristina, who is very helpful. I did have the same problem in the beginning with getting a hold of Claribel and Mercy; however, once it gets closer to your wedding date, they begin to become more attentive. I was told they start the planning with you, one month before your wedding date. Hang in there ladies!
  8. This is a review of:

    HDC Photo- Huellas del Caribe

    Best Choice!

    AI got married last month in Punta Cana and we chose HDC as our photographer for our big day. It was the best choice we made! Not only were their prices reasonable but their work was absolutely beautiful. We had Carlos as our photographer and he was very kind, creative and professional. We even received our photos in two days! Thanks to HDC, my husband and I have great pictures to remember our special day! Sandra
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