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    Moon Dance Cliffs

    Hi LMC, Right now, they're not offering any discount at all. They're just going off their posted 2013 rates on their website. I feel like if we're renting the whole place out--during their low season, too--we should at least get the standard group rate of 10% off, but I can't seem to get Kim to budge. I feel like talking to Randy, the owner, would work...but I'm still searching for his email address or phone number...if anyone has it, that would be fantastic!
  2. rivieramaya2013

    Moon Dance Cliffs

    Oh--and I changed my wedding from Riviera Maya to Jamaica...and I can't figure out how to change my avatar name on this site. Any suggestions there, too?
  3. rivieramaya2013

    Moon Dance Cliffs

    Hi, everyone! I'm new to the forums...I've chosen to get married at Moon Dance Cliffs in May 2013, and my dad is in the process of negotiating with them right now. I was wondering if anyone knew who I could talk to in order to actually get some discounts on the rooms? Right now, we're dealing Kim, and she's saying that they won't offer any discounts. But that doesn't seem right to me. We're renting out the whole place. Shouldn't they offer some sort of group discount? Thanks so much in advance for any advice, friends!!!! I'm so excited this resource exists!!
  4. Hi everyone! I'm new here...I just made the decision to get married in Riviera Maya! I want a laid-back but beautiful wedding, and I'm thinking about doing the ceremony on the beach and the reception at a villa we will rent. So, I'm looking for any advice about villas in that location. I want to make sure there are nearby villas or hotels for people who are not in the wedding party/family. I also want to make sure there's plenty to do in the area. Any help is greatly appreciated!!!