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  1. For symbolic you do not need to arrive 3 days ahead,no time required as it is just that,symbolic.
  2. American dollars.What day is your Wedding?We are getting married on the 14 th:)
  3. We are having them set up as guests come to the wedding ,that way they can each take one and no charge.
  4. Wow,I woke up this morning and freaked out a little.we are getting married Feb 14 th 2013, so less then 4 months and I can't figure out the form Pilar sent with final menu ideas. We are having the Devine package and only 20 people ,the carnival restaurant is where the dinner will be which I thought was buffet,but then she asked us to fill out meal choices?? So confused,and it takes at least 3 e-mails to get the answer to a question ,and even then the language barrier only gets half the question answered,arg. Help.
  5. We are not having music at the cocktail hour either.we are having our own song choices for ceremony(walk in and out). Then the mariachi band for dinner hour.I guess it is up to you really,but I agree ,I have never seen music at the cocktail hour at other weddings,but then I have never been to a destination wedding in Mexico before either,lol.
  6. We are getting married Feb 2013, and the Devine package,we booked 18 months ago,but we are getting a room for the groom the night before.It was listed in our package,perhaps that has since changed,but I confirmed with pilar.
  7. I booked my valentine's 2013 wedding in 2011, if you want a certain date,why wait?Pilar is awesome ,we faxed everything and were confirmed same day.
  8. tiakat

    Now Jade Newbie!

    What date in Feb is your wedding? We are getting married on valentine's day:)
  9. Yes,you are allowed paper balls.they will hang them where ever you want.
  10. How come it says under divine,silver dinner reception,and then further down it says platinum dinner reception?which is it?We booked the Devine package,but this makes no sense?!
  11. Our wedding is Valentine's day,and I am still so unsure about why they sent us a menu to choose from if we are having the dinner at the carnival which is buffet?As well if I bring my iPod for our songs during ceremony will they have someone to play them?or do we have a guest do this?I am finding communication slow,and even when they answer they are not understanding the questions,so it takes 2weeks and many repeat questions to get any answers:(
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