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  1. I used Rashel and if you are staying at the Suites you do not need to pay a vendor fee. I was getting ready at my bridesmaids room in the Beach and when Rashel got there they were going to charge me vendor fees. When i explained i had a room at the Suites Rashel said to go there because they do not charge a fee for her. I dont know if she has an agreement with the Suites or if she is just friends with the perople at the front desk, but when we entered the Suites they just said hello to her and let her go to my room, There was no fee on my final bill at the hotel.
  2. Hi all! I am getting married Jan 18 2013 at the Beach location. I am interested in a private reception and the options available are the cajun restaurant or the steakhouse. I have found plenty of reviews or posts of brides who have had their private reception at Uncle Tonys steakhouse, but i have not seen anything about the cajun restaurant Jambalaya. Have any past brides have any photos or information on a private reception at Jambalya?