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  1. We used Picture This (Rebecca Davidson and her staff) for both photo and video and they were amazing!!! Just a note -- I had the wedding party in yellow and it did WONDERS for ths pics! Rebecca is really a genius!!!
  2. You're going to love it! I just got married at GOH last week and we actually checked it out last Sept. as well... In case anyone planning would like some advice, here are some of my best tips -- GOH is an AMAZINGLY gorgeous venue. It can house close to 200, so you should be good and the weather contingency is just a tent, so you don't lose anything. The food is out of this world and I don't have enough good things to say about the venue itself, BUT, and this is a huge BUT -- do not go through Desiree to book your vendors. On many occassions I found that she added 50% commission -- and who can afford that?! If you have time to do your own research I strongly recommend it. If not, someone like Juliette at Save the Date can def help you get in touch with the right people to save you TONS of $$$ -- Craig from ONE World was fantastic, also a great hire -- We used Rebecca Davidson and her team, and again, there aren't enough words to say how we feel about her. She's super professional, but still fun and amazing at her job. She showed us the slideshow of some of the unedited getting ready shots (during the wedding) and it was all so stunning. ALSO, don't hesitate for one second to do trash the dress. It was the most fun my husband (ah, weird to say that!!) had the whole time. It's so worth it and I'm sure with Rebecca behind the camera lens, the pics are going to be out of this world!! -- I used a few guys from George Carvalho salon -- Kendall is really great -- to do hair and makeup. I'm open to give more advice for whoever needs it!! I had the best experience ever, and I really wish the same for all of you!!
  3. Congrats recent brides!! I fly down next week for my wedding at Grand Old House! We're still looking for a spot to host casual drinks and apps near The Westin. Anyone have any good ideas?? Aside from that, I have most things in place, but would love any and all advice!!! I'm still super nervous that it's going to be too hot out. Let me know what your experiences were please
  4. Has anyone gone with Vanity Spa for hair? If so, would love to hear if they were any good! Thanks.
  5. You don't need to have a membership to Cost-U-Less, I asked and she looked at me like I was crazy
  6. Hey ladies, SO glad to see another GOH bride on here! A few things... I have been speaking with the spa at the Marriot - I think it's LaMer - about coming to the Westin to do my hair and my girls. I've heard good things about them, but if anyone has heard otherwise, please let me know. It's crazy what some of these prices are for hair on the wedding!! I'm also using Desiree for more of my reception stuff, BUT I hired a day of coordinator - Juliette from Save the Date and she's very reasonably priced. Since ill be moving people around on the day of the wedding, I wanted someone to mediate everything. As for gift bags and other stuff, I was just on the island and discovered Cost-U-Less. It's right behind sunshine suites and its like a Costco. So instead of bringing everything from NY, I'm just going to make a big trip there! I highly suggest you guys check it out. They'll also deliver your stuff to wherever you're staying. Its genius! I still don't know who I'm using for decor. I've met with two people, and I agree with all of you. The prices are ridic!!!
  7. Hi Guys, The Westin is giving us $159 but when you add the tax and gratuity it works out to $210USD. We're also talking to Sunshine Suites across the street. They are awesome!!! (We visited the island in Sept). And the rooms there are about $150USD - so a much better rate. Thanks for all the info about makeup and music guys. I'm going to chk out some of the salons in february, so I can let you know how that works out. Spa-to-go seemed really expensive to me compared to some of the other rates. I haven't been quoted the centerpieces from Desiree yet, but we want really simple ones and I plan on using the bridesmaids bouquets as some of the center pieces. Starfish - do you have an email for Molly? I'm looking for someone who can help us out just the day of. We're doing all the leg work. I just don't want to have to deal with vendors or ANYTHING on the actual day of the wedding!
  8. Desiree at Grand Old House is working with flower vendors for me. I don't think she's going through Celebrations since I've also heard that they're ridiculously priced! We're staying at The Westin and doing our ceremony on the beach in front of The Westin and then doing the reception at GOH. Starfish - is CrystalBlueWeddings planning your wedding? We've already done most of the planning, but I feel like I want someone there on the day of to run the show! When you say Rebecca is helping you out, are you referring to Rebecca Davidson the photographer? We're using her. She seems awesome!! Who are you guys going with for DJs? We're still figuring that out as well as rehearsal dinner plans. Oh, and salons... Have you guys heard anything about where to go to get our hair done? I'm so excited I found this thread!! Thanks guys!!
  9. Hey! I'm having my wedding at Grand Old House. We are having a bigger wedding, but from what I hear the food is amazing!! I've visited the property and it's gorgeous. Right on the water and they decorate it really nicely for weddings. I'm working with Desiree and she's great too! Good luck!
  10. Hey All! Love to see all the GC pictures!! I'm going with Rebecca Davidson as well. Will be doing a 100 person wedding there June 2012. Would love to get some thoughts on hair salons and DJs if anyone has any good input?? Also debating on where to do rehearsal dinner so would love some advice. Thanks ladies!!
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