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  1. This is great, thanks bride81 for starting it!! I'm still trying to decide on which resort, but am leaning towards Dreams Riviera Cancun (I'm trying to read the entire thread before making that decision, but it's like 850+ pages long ... ). Maybe I should just bite the bullet and pick it ... anyone else as indecisive as I am???
  2. the more research I do, the more I want to go to a different resort that is adults only. the wedding will include kids, and after hearing that some kids just run wild (as i'm sure i would have too) i'm looking forward to some adult time with my new hubby!
  3. Top Gun & Dirty Dancing. what can I say, I'm a child of the 80s ...
  4. wine or if i'm going all out, Blueberry Press ... yum! just sweet enough so you can drink them all night long, or as long as one can last drinking vodka (which used to be a lot longer than it is now, I have turned into a light weight in my older age ... ;-)
  5. He's 34 and I'm 30, so 4 years and 2 months (he's sept & i'm nov).
  6. I am also a lover of wine. I used to drink red in the winter and white in the summer, but ever since moving to San Diego and not really having a winter, I lean towards white. My favs are just about anything under $15 that the FI brings home with him!!! ;-) It's nice because Temecula (not quite as known as Napa/Sonoma, but has some pretty good wines) is only about 45 minutes north east of us, so we try to get up there often. around my birthday month we went just about every weekend and surprisingly, we got a little sick of it. so we've had a nice 5 month break and when my mom is vi
  7. Fav dessert -- oreos, preferably double stuffed!!! YUM!!! Do you do the cooking or does your Hubby/Fiance?
  8. HI! I'm in San Diego and would love to meet up with fellow DW brides!! My wedding is slated for May 17, 2013, but things could always change (as they already have). I haven't picked a resort yet, but hoping to do that within the next couple weeks so STDs can go out about a year before the big day! YAY! So exciting!! I'm originally from RI and came to SD via Washington, DC ... I take a while to make a decision, but have finally found my home in Southern California and the man of my dreams!
  9. HI everyone, I'm also considering DRC, and have found that many of the resorts tend to nickel & dime for certain things. Some are worse than others, so i'm trying to figure out the "cheapest" and "prettiest" resort. Silly me, I thought that by having a destination wedding that we'd actually save money. Not really looking like that, so i'm coming to terms (next up, explaining all this to my mom! wish me luck). Linkn - I have heard of some couples paying for the photographer to stay at the resort for a night or two. Is this not something that you do? Do you have a list of r
  10. HI Aubry, Not sure if you're still on this forum or checking this post, but your shoes were AMAZING!!! Where did you get them? Thanks for sharing your thoughts and big day with us. I'm still trying to pick a resort and reviews like this help very, very much.
  11. Let me know if you do because i'm the day before - May 17th!!
  12. chrisdior - my original date was going to be March 27, 2013 (3.27.13 - i just really liked the oddity of the dates ... weird, i know, but i had no idea how to pick a date when this all first happened and our "anniversary" date currently is Sept 27, so i thought we'd have our wedding on the 6 month anniversary ... ) so now i'm thinking May 17, 2013 .. going to stick with the "odd" dates .. i think may is cheaper than april, at least in mexico. and the opposite here in the states! So very true, abs824! and do you mind if i ask, are those your initials? because they are mine,
  13. Looks like I'll be changing my date too. I'm bummed because I have gotten rather attached to the date I originally picked, but after talking to multiple people, they said that Easter Weekend wasn't a good time to get married in Mexico, as it is a National Holiday there ... so looks like we'll be doing mid-May as well. I just hope this saves all of us (me, parents who are helping out & guests) save some money!! Trying to look at the bright side of things ...
  14. ok, question time: the very first wedding i was in (but none since then and i've been in a LOT of weddings), the bride had a lace up back and those of us that were her attendants vowed to NEVER have a lace up wedding dress for our weddings as it took us 3 times to finally get it right. but i see so many of you with lace up dresses and am now wondering if that's the way to go. thoughts? comments? would love to hear why you chose to go that route. thanks!
  15. Katie & Alicia - thank you both SO much for sharing your stories. I'm sure it wasn't easy, but know that we're all routing for you & your FIs. Sending good thoughts & well wishes your way! =)
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