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  1. We just got home yesterday and our wedding was great we had the time of our lives!!! If you have questions feel free to ask Also, I did not use the resort photog I used a local and he was AMAZING!! His prices were also redic. low and he stayed over night at the resort (no extra cost to me) and did a free trash the dress session the next morning. I highly recomend him!! It will not let me post picks for some reason but if you want to see the friend me on facebook @ Kristen Michelle
  2. We leave in 10 days!!! I can't believe it! Anyone have any last minute tips or advice??
  3. Hey everyone. I just wanted to share some things as I continue the planning and find some good deals. I just got my OOT bags in the mail, and they are awesome!! It took me a while to find bags that were both inexpensive and good quality. Most sites I came across had a limit of like 100 bags I would have to buy to get the good price when I only needed about 20. So I found these bags (cotton bags) for $1.80 a bag! They have different colors as well. I decided on the black and I am going to get something pressed on them, probably something like "Rio Ocho Rios, Jamaica" in the Jamaican colors. If anyone is searching for bags check out the site http://www.t-shirtwholesaler.com/BAGedge_BE002.htm%7CLWE33PBGG77TGF6G41100.6801422222 I am getting married on the beach and my girls and I want to wear bearfoot sandals. I have been on the search for them and have found a lot of cute ones but they are about 40 a pair. I am planning on buying them for myself and also my 5 bridesmaids. I found a way to make them myself and they turned out really cute. The pic below is the first ones I made just trying to figure it out and they came out pretty good. I think I am going to make them for us instead of spending a lot of money on them becuase I really want to splurge on other gifts for them. Let me know what everyone thinks. Thanks!! Also, is anyone else doing the bags, if so what are you putting in them? Happy planning
  4. Congrats!! I am glad it went so well for you!! Who did you use as your photographer, I am still seaching for one, I seen many bad reviews on the hotel photog so I have been emailing others that are in the area.
  5. Your right before me, mine will be November 10th and I am so nervous already as well!! Still so much to do!!
  6. Hey, congrats!! What is your wedding date? Are you in November?
  7. Can you post the link to your review? I want to read it but cannot find it! Thanks
  8. You looked absolutely beautiful!! So happy you had a perfect day!! Mine will be here in a short 5 months and I still have so much to do!! AHHH
  9. Hi Ladies! My wedding is in November and I need to start getting everything together! Time is flying! What did everyone do for OOT bags, I am thinking of giving out the bags before the trip to avoid additional luggage fees and work when I get down there, did any one else do this?
  10. How is everyone planning on getting their dress down there?
  11. I am going to do the semi-private dinner, than I am either going to do the beach reception or the disco. If I get the DJ and bring a CD of the music for first dance/father daughter dance will they play it for me?
  12. I was wondering about the reception. I want to have a first dance and father daughter dance. Do we bring our own CD and they will it? What's everyones plans for doing their dances?
  13. Hi Lauren! Would you mind emailing me that information as well? My email is kristen60187@gmail.com I would appreciate it! Thanks. I am loving this site it is so helpful
  14. Thank you!! Do you have her email? I also cant decide if I want to do a beach reception or rent the disco, ahhh decisions, decisions!! What are you ladies doing for your reception?
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