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  1. Originally Posted by Resplendent View Post


    Hi Courtney,


    You have a wonderful planning thread.  Would you mind sharing how things went with your vendors where you satisfied with the level of service you received?




    Originally Posted by Recy View Post


    How was your wedding? I notice you are from my are also!!! I would any tips and helpful hints you ca offer!!! Thanks!!!


    Hi!  I am so sorry about the delay in responding!  I posted information on my travel blog, http://www.CourtneyMara.com, that I think you will find useful.  Check the post right before this one.  I hope it helps!

  2. Originally Posted by lala7513 View Post


    has anyone done a rehearsal dinner with the whole group? I have about 70 people staying at the suites, and just thinking it would be fun to do hibachi or something for everyone, but not sure if that's allowed.  thanks!


    We did a welcome dinner with all 55 of our guests at Calabash.  We also did another welcome dinner for 23 of us at the hibachi grill.  The hibachi is fun - I just don't know if they would accomodate such a large group. You might as well ask and if not, the Mexican could be fun. 

  3. 700





    Hi, Ladies


    I have two items that I am looking to sell. I did not use either of these items.  


    1)  Mantilla cathedral length veil.  I bought two veils and ended up using the other one.  I am selling it for $40 + shipping OBO.   

    2) Alfred Angelo hair comb/accessory.  I had my hair down so I didn't need a comb/accessory in it.  I am selling for $15 + shipping OBO.  


    Let me know if you are interested!!


    Happy planning, 



  4. Originally Posted by heather1214 View Post


    I just joined it!  Did I see you used wish lanterns?  How did that turn out for you?  I guess it really depends on the wind, but we are planning on doing them the night of our Welcome Drinks.


    Which cake flavor(s) did you have?  How long did dinner take for your group? What did you provide for the DJ (CD, iPOD) for music for the ceremony?  So many last minute details to comb through! I leave in 4 days!


    We used wish lanterns.  They worked really well.  Nicole was with us helping everyone to do them.  It really depends on the wind.  Hours earlier it was too windy but when we were scheduled to do them the wind was perfectly calm. 


    We had vanilla and chocolate.  They both tasted great.  Dinner was slow (not sure of the timing - maybe 1 1/2 hours), but we did speeches, we had the DJ playing music, and people were chatting by the bar.  We hired DJ Kevan and he really knows what he is doing.  We just provided him a list of MUST PLAY and MUST NOT PLAY.  We also met with him a couple days prior.  What are you planning for your reception?   How exciting that you are getting married sooo soon!!! 

  5. CONGRATSS!!  YOu look GORGEOUS!!!  

    Originally Posted by PuntaBride View Post



    We did it :)  What an amazing week.  Everything went off without a hitch.  The weather was perfect and the memories were unforgettable.  I'm so sad it's over ... today was so hard.  Enjoy every waking moment girls.  It goes so fast!!!

  6. Originally Posted by heather1214 View Post


    Congrats ladies!!!! You both looked stunning!!!


    Court: any details from the Iberostar?!?


    Heather:  Are you on the Iberostar RoseHall-Sisterhood of the Traveling Starfish forum on Facebook?  I put up some more photos there and information there (https://www.facebook.com/#!/groups/125122217571235/?bookmark_t=group).   Let me know if you have any questions!!   I will try to do a review ASAP, but it may not get done until after your wedding. 

  7. Originally Posted by Dazeydawl View Post




    Congrats Court!!!!!!!! You look amazing!!! How did your trip go? Did you get that heavy downpour on Friday where you were? Did you do any excursions?



    Everything went really really well!  It did rain on Friday from like 3:30pm - 8pm.  We were still able to have our scheduled bonfire at 9pm and light wish lanterns at 10pm so it all worked out.  We booked a private catamaran for our guests Friday from 10-1pm.  And, my husband, my brother, his girlfriend, and I went to Negril.  It was awesome!  I jumped from the cliff at Rick's!!   How was everything with you?   Did you do an excursions????

  8. Originally Posted by Dazeydawl View Post


    Ahhh i feel i am barely on here anymore im going crazy trying to get all the last minute details down. We leave in just over a week Court!!!!! How exciting!!!!! Less than 2 weeks and we will be married!



    I know!  So many last minute details!   I have guests leaving this weekend so it feels even more real! 

  9. Originally Posted by heather1214 View Post


    I'm not sure how long you are trying to get them, but I use Remy 14".  They are clip in and SO easy to use!! I didn't want to go through the process of having them done professionally and taking care of them while swimming in the ocean.  I've used mine a few times and they clip in quickly (less than 5 minutes) and double the volume! 



    Where did you buy yours from?  I have always wanted to try hair extensions, but have no clue as to where I can buy hair extensions. 

  10. Originally Posted by hezmshaw View Post


    My dress came in yesterday, I ordered it small intentionally, 2 sizes. The stored measured me and was sure it'd be easy to make it fit since the smaller size fit my bust and hip measurements, just not my waist.


    So I pick it up today and this younger girl is there and insists I put it on, I'm like no thanks, it doesn't fit yet, but she insisted so I put it on.


    WOW was she a jerk, "ohhhh wow, you ordered it quite a few sizes too small didn't you?" No... Just two. "I don't know WHAT you're going to do.. I would have NEVER suggested you buy a dress that size"


    Okay, for one, your sales lady had no doubt it would work. For two are you KIDDING ME? I'm picking up my weddin dress and I have NEVER felt so embarrassed. She made a huge deal about it in the middle if the store, my sister was there and she wa SHOCKED how rude this girl was.


    I started to tear up as I paid for it, a different girl took my money so I told her what happened.


    The manager called me to apologize... But I'm sure nowhere near ready to post pics now. I'm so disappointed that girl ruined what should have been very exciting.



    I am soooo sorry this happened to you!   I hope you post reviews on all the sites so that future brides can rethink their choice in that bridal salon!  It sounds like you have time to either (1) let the dress out or (2) get to your dream size.   Either way you are going to look amazing on your day!  I can't wait to see the dress on you when you are ready to show us!   

  11. Originally Posted by katiemck22 View Post


    I just revived an email from Nicole apologizing for the deay. She is working on estimates for may brides now and I should hear back from her by the end of the week. I feel somewhat better now


    Thanks for sharing.  I am super annoyed because I have guests leaving next week, but I have not received my estimate or a confirmation that we can have the welcome or rehearsal dinners.  I need to let people know where to meet us before they leave (we are giving out our welcome bags at these dinners) so I am getting a bit nervous.   Hopefully I hear soon. 

  12. Originally Posted by ChocoTaco7568 View Post



    Understandable, I've encountered peeling in the 2-3 week period a couple times but never earlier than that (knock on wood).



    Of course you can, and you have options too. 


    Base: Negligee (sheer pink with a subtle pearlescence), Clearly Pink (semi-sheer pink) or Romantique (opaque light pink, think of OPI bubble bath)

    Tip: Studio White (bright white) or Cream Puff (natural/off-white)


    My preference is Negligee or Clearly Pink as a base and Studio White on the tips; theyâ€re the most natural combo in my opinion.  I know many who prefer Romantique with Cream Puff, but this just seems so stark to me…probably a skin tone thing



    This is so helpful.  I have a shellac appointment the Tuesday before my Saturday wedding and totally have forgotten to think about color.  Anyone have thoughts on either an all white color or red?   I am so not good with nail colors. 

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