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  1. Shelly: yes, it does suck to get attitude, especially after you've invested so much in going there and for ur guests too. But we made it the best out of it. I heard a couple tell one of my friends they vacation there often and that they must have changed staff bc he got the same treatment for the first time since he's been going there. Dont get me wrong it wasn't ALL the females but 60-80% or so. Nicky: I don't like to post negative this remarks, but just wanted to make other brides aware of what i experienced, it may not be the same for you, i hope its a great one!!!! Don't get me wrong, resort=GREAT, BEAUTIFUL, CLEAN, GOOD FOOD etc. But they majority of the workers= ON ISLAND TIME. Wish you both great weather and happy times. Ya Mon' (u'll hear that all the time)
  2. Thank you for giving me that info. We looked into the yaucht/boat idea but turns out its pricey and we woould have to go to Montego Bay a bus ride there and back to get the boat. So we opted not to bother with it after all. Hope this info helps someone else.
  3. We're getting married at Grand P Lady Hamilton March 8,2012. Having a private reception as we have 30 adults and 10 kids under 12yr. Any suggestions on what location i think we have the option of Blue Lagoon or Poseidon??? And why do we have to pay $20US per person for the ceremony plus and an extra $45US pp for the reception???? And any ideas about renting a yacht or boat for the reception???? In need of answers please.... Paula M

    Pros: great hotel, clean
    Cons: females attitudes, laziness
    Let me start off by saying; beautiful resort, clean, good food. We went to GP Lady Hamilton to get married with a group of about 50pp. We all shared the same opinion about the workers attitude very laid back "island time"....the worst were the woman, ugh, they all had a sour puss attitude like it was a favour they were doing for you when u would ask them a question or for a drink. I could count on one hand the ladies that were nice, men on the other hand were friendly, pleasant, helpful and went
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