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  1. hi Im getting married at the Grand Palladium on Jan.30 2013. ( I know its coming very fast). I know that the spa changed ownership in Nov. 2012. It was the Renova spa and Zentropia is the spa there now. I have booked my appointment online with them (Paula Casas) they have told me that its about 90 mins for a special hairstyle and 2 1/2 hours for hair and make up. and yes you can take photos with you of hairstyles you like. If you book on line you get a little discount(10%) but they need a 50% down payment. Hope that helps enjoy your day and congrats
  2. Thanks for the review! I am getting married there Jan. 30 2013!!! CANT WAIT
  3. Hi ladies: does anyone know if you can get married on a sunday in a civil ceremory? We would like to get married on Feb. 10 2013 Its the day we met and means alot to us but I am not sure if they will preform the cermory that day. We have not pick a resort as would like to know if getting married that day is possible?
  4. Hi Jan/Feb 2013 brides: We want to get married on Feb.10 2013 (its the day we met) but I have no idea where to start and the travel agents are less then helpful. If there are any brides from Canada I live near Toronto that have any advice this bride will listen will open ears. I like almost every resort that I look at. need to start planning so that I get the day I want HELP
  5. Hi everyone!! Congrats on getting the ring!! Now what? We would like to get married on Feb. 10 2013 In the Dominican Republic If there are other brides out there from Canada I live near Toronto I would love some advice on what to do thanks
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