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  1. Hello! Does anyone know whether they allow candles/tea lights on the tables for the meal?
  2. Hello Jaykay, did you organise the chair ties in the restaurant or did the wed-co do it for you?
  3. Does anyone know the price(s) for massage/facial treatments in the Spa or a contact email address?
  4. I've just heard back from Chandlyn and she has said that only guests staying at the GBP can attend the wedding and that non resident guests are not allowed - have I misunderstood?? I thought I could pay for 'day passes'. Can anyone help??
  5. Congratulations to the 3 new Mrs' all of your days sound amazingly perfect!
  6. Hello! Wow, I can't believe I have stumbled upon this site. I honestly thought I was going to crack up, but after reading this thread alone I have managed to answer so many questions! It's really good to know your not the only one going mad (I am booked at the GBPJ April 2013 although the exact date for the wedding is yet to be confirmed) x