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  1. Hi there Ladies, It has been a long time since ive posted on this page but i come on here often to read what everyone has to say and it has been so helpful! So thank you for that! My wedding is booked for January 29, 2013 and i have been in contact with ana for all the planning but i am starting to panic!!!! I feel like there is something i am forgetting to plan so is there any helpful tips you ladies could give me? or something that i wouldnt think to plan or book or ask Ana about? Also, are any of you having your receptions at an a la carte? We have the Caribbean grill booked but i have not seen any pictures of a wedding set up for there? Any information about the wedding day would be so helpful! Thanks everyone! Tegan
  2. Hey ladies, Hope everyones planning is going well! i am in the beginning stages of our planning and i am unsure of what wedding package to go with. so my question to all of you is did you go with the OCT packages or did you go with the packages that the company you booked with is offering? or did you not go with a package and just tell ana what you want and are going with those prices? i am unsure what to do cause there are things in each package i like but its also missing a lot of things i want for our big day. We do have a large group coming and i noticed that the most expensive wedding package that the OCT offers is $3500 and up to 40 ppl. Not that i being cheap but i would like to find the best deal for us and since there are still many things i would add to the $3500 package so im wondering which way would be the best way to go since we are looking at around 100 or more ppl coming. any advice or tips would be greatly appreciated! Tegan&Tyler
  3. Hello Ladies! Thanks for info! ive been reading everyones posts and its helping me out in my planning! i was just wondering if anyone has any pictures of anything related to the OCT or weddings at the OCT could you please send them to me at tegan_28@hotmail.com it would greatly appreciated!! thanks again!
  4. Hello Ladies, Please help me! We are just beginning the planning process and i am completely lost... i dont even know where to start... we are planning our wedding for february 2013 at the OCT.... i have emailed ana and although it took her some time to reply she emailed me last week, ive emailed her back but since it has been taking so long to get information from her i was hoping you ladies could help me. I was wondering if any of you were given specific dates a year in adavance and if not should i be sending some kind of "save the date" invites to my guests? Also i have a large amount of guests coming to our wedding (approx. 125) and i was hoping to get a better price on the trip as well as some sort of deal for the bride and groom... so if anyone would be willing to share their deals with me that would be greatly appreciated! One last thing DalChriswedding i would love to see any sort of photos you would be willing to share! Thank you in advance to anyone who is willing to help me out! any sort of advice will be so much appreciated!
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