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  1. I sent a picture of a medium/ tall hurricane with a submerged flower/ plant and a floating candle. Maybe is was the size, I don't know, I just decided to move forward in another direction.
  2. Cant help you on this one, I only used them for the arch arrangement and bouqet. I got a quote for a hurricane center piece for $55/ea. and decided I would only get from them what was necessary. I packed my table decorations and used the arch arrangement for the main centerpiece to what I bought.
  3. I chose the basic cake that came with the package, cheesecake to be exact, just b/c it was different. In all of my planning, I never considered cake details. Everything was so perfect on my wedding day I didn't even pay attention to the cake, we had been drinking and partying it up! It wasn't until I returned home and saw pictures of the cake did I realize it was ugly, actually hideous. Although it was not easy on the eyes, it tasted good.
  4. They only host one wedding a day (unlike Sandals which has weddings every 45 minutes), this allows them to focus on you and you only. The resort is adult only and it's 5 star (butler service, premium liquor, room service).
  5. I chalked up Janielles short/ blunt responses my questions to the laid-back Jamaician culture. Since many of the answers were vague, to settle my nerves, I added an international rate plan to my cellphone and called her a few times two to three week intervals the last two months before the wedding. Each time with a well prepared list of questions, including my what ifs. This helped so much more than the emailing. She was available 97% of the times I called.....FYI
  6. Complain to Janielle Tai Flora is not responding, they will call you ASAP.
  7. PM me your email. I only posted a couple on facebook.
  8. Emma, your pics look great! We used Merrick as well and LOVED him. Everytime I look at the pictures it makes me want to get married again, LOL. I have never felt so beautiful and Merrick captured it all!
  9. The costs associated with the free wedding was $20 per head if you had more than 10 people and yes, the sound system as well, which I believe was $100. There was no wedding coordinator fee, of course you might want to tip them.
  10. kfarkas, From my experience, the price list is upheld to a 't', for I did not experience any "hidden costs". Everything costs money and they are NOT flexible, so it can seem as if they are nickel and diming you but you should be able to clearly add up your services and get know how much it will cost. I chose the free package b/c there were a few things in the Grand package that I didn't care for or wouldn't need. For example, one of my friends did my hair and makeup, we didnt want a wine and cheese tray or strawberries and champagne, we were'nt interested in a couple massage and we didnt want a private dinner on the beach, we wanted to enjoy our guests, we can eat privately at home for free (I cant recall what else was included in the package). My total for everything was less than 3k, keeping in mind I had just under 30 peeps and I went for the semi-private dinner which was free. My bill included... $20 for each person over the limited 10 for the 'free wedding package', the mento band, cocktail hour, my bouquet and arch arrangement (tai flora bills separately) I saved money...by bringing my own table decorations, using my ipod to play the music for the cocktail party/ dance, using the arch arrangement flowers for the the dinner table flower decor, having an informal meet and greet in the lobby bar the night after dinner the night before the wedding Things I considered....a bonfire, but you have to have at least 30 guests and a fire-eater until I learned the $350 was for 20 minutes (WHAT!) I told Janelle I would set someone on fire before I pay fire -eater at that rate, a joke, but she looked at me like I was crazy, lollllllll
  11. kfarkas, PM me your email, I will send you a couple of mine.
  12. I had the same concern about the cocktail hour menu. They are not very flexible. For dinner, I had a few picky eaters and asked that they made a nice dinner salad with steak- that was do-able for them, but that's all!
  13. Merrick Cousley is awesome! I used him for my July 2012 wedding. What first drew me to him is his response time. He was very prompt in responding to my inquiries, which made me feel very comfortable sending money to another country and receiving services from someone I've never met. His pictures are so bold and colorful. His pricing was reasonable and was not based on blocks of time as many are. His prices are good from beginning to end. He was great to work with; soft spoken, prompt, professional, provided good guidance, we hardly even noticed he was there during the preparation and wedding. It took a few weeks to get my pictures, which I later learned took so long b/c he was editing out my tan lines from the bathing suit, which I was thankful for.
  14. Kfarkas, I never received an actual price list from Tai Flora. I didnt like the free bouquets included so they sent me a variety of pictures to choose from, then they gave me a quote based off the bouquet I chose. Once you specify the type of decorations you want, they will give you a price based on that. For example: I asked for tiki torches and was given a quote of $8 each. Then I sent a picture of a centerpiece I liked and was quoted $55 for a hurricane glass with shells and water and a floating candle, $95 to add a fish. I ended up packing my own centerpeices and table decor, everyone loved them and it only cost me $100 for everything.<<<<<<<resourceful person with creative friends
  15. Cat, your pics look great, congratulations! Im so anxious, still waiting on mine. Kfarkas, the regular rooms are so nice I cant even imagine what the presidential suites look like.
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