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    Beach wedding location

    We've photographed weddings with couples from cruise ships a number of times on Ambergris Caye. Because organising everything for timing can be quite tricky, we do recommend using a planner. They can liaise with resorts and restaurants to ensure that everything runs smoothly and to make sure you have the very best experience.
  2. Conch Creative

    Mayan Ruins pics

    Hmm just tried to post but didn't have much luck. I'll try again. You can definitely get Maya ruins photographs and marry at the Maya ruins in Belize. Bringing your own photographer is a bit trickier as you will need a special work permit for them which may be difficult to obtain. There are many excellent photographers in Belize that specialise in Maya ruins wedding photography and you can obtain special permits to marry and take wedding photographs at the ruins. Absolutely beautiful!
  3. Conch Creative

    Mayan Ruins pics

    Hi, If you come to Belize, you can get a photography permit and even get married at the Maya ruins. We'd recommend using a local photographer though. I have to say that we are local photographers in Belize, so we have an interest in this, but also you can find yourself in serious trouble if you bring in a photographer without getting them a work permit in advance, which may be tricky and expensive. Local photographers know the lite and know the sites very well and will give you the best possible photographic experience. Here is an example of our most recent Maya Ruins shoot. http://conchcreative.wordpress.com/2011/12/30/belize-weddings-2012-maya-ruins-wedding-photography/ Please feel free to contact us for more information about photography at Maya ruins in Belize. Colette Kase Conch Creative
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    Mayan Ruins pics

    You can get married and take pictures at the Maya ruins in Belize. Still not as commercial as Mexico. Here is a link to our recent blog. http://conchcreative.wordpress.com/ If you want just pictures a permit can be arranged. More pictures on our website www.conchcreative.com With 2012 upon us many couples are thinking of marrying at our many sites that are still empty and non commercial. The best part is that you may climb them too! Maya P