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  1. HEADING OUT TOMORROW!!!!!! See y'all on the other side! Thanks for everything!!!!!! XOXOXOXOXOX
  2. What's everyone doing for "Card Boxes"? I don't want to lug a big box down there when I already have enough stuff to bring! But then what are guests going to do with the cards they want to give you? Anyone heard of collapsible card boxes that could be assembled down there? Suggestions... please??? :-)
  3. I got this one off of ebay for $25: http://www.ebay.com/itm/PAPER-CUTTER-12-x-10-inch-METAL-BASE-TRIMMER-Hobby-Scrapbooking-Guillotine-/151022480634?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item2329a42cfa It's okay, but you should really only do one page at a time or your line drifts toward the end. It's okay for the cheap price, but I probably would have gotten a bigger one if I were going to do it again :-)
  4. I know, it's so frustrating when people don't put in any effort. I understand that some people don't have the money, and that's fine, but when people just dismiss it all it's really hurtful. I have the same prob with my little sister. My mom paid for her and her husbands flights, I paid for their room in the Dominican, her dress, alterations, shoes, jewelry, will pay for Mani, Pedi, wax, tanning, hair and makeup. All she really needed to do was go to the dress fitting and not blow the money my mom gave her for the flight. She ended up buying a bunch of crap and now doesn't know if she'll come up with the money for the flights. If she doesn't come, than I've wasted all of the money I've already spent to help her out, and she doesn't even care. She didn't even send a card (let alone try to come) when I had my shower; I basically haven't heard from her since December when she told me that there are other things in life besides my wedding. She hasn't even uttered a "thank you" for everything that Matt and I are doing for her! Long story short, those people don't really matter in the big picture. What's important is that we all get to spend multiple days celebrating the loves of our lives with so many people who DO care!!! There will always be annoying people/situations in the background, but keep those things where they belong--in the background! I know it's easier said than done!!! GOOD LUCK!!!
  5. Matt's Bachelor Party has officially kicked off!!! I hope he has the time of his life! He SOOOOO deserves it! He's going up to the Pocono Mountains with 15 of his closest friends. Sometimes I wish I could be a fly on the wall--but not this weekend!!! I don't even want to KNOW!!! ;-) Same here, KDoyle, I just hope they don't drink him to death! I'm already expecting for him to not have any voice when he returns, LOL! I already had mine in Atlantic City for a weekend and it was amazing beyond my wildest expectations! I'm so excited for you two that you still get to have yours! ENJOY ENJOY ENJOY!!! It only happens once!!! :-D
  6. You have to ask them all for their sizes, and then get a conversion chart online so you know how many inches long they need to be :-)
  7. Had my first dress fitting last night.... PHFEWWWW!!!! It still fits! What a relief!!! Matt's Bachelor Party is this weekend! He better behave.... LOL! ;-)
  8. KDoyle! My bags look almost the same as yours! LOL! Great minds.... We're including Survival kits, Custom Stadium cups with lids and straws, pads of paper with custom pens, custom flip flop bottle opener magnets, and custom key/tip holder coil bracelets....
  9. Tonight is my first dress fitting!!! I'm so nervous and excited! I hope it goes well, I've been working out like a crazy person and still have a little bit of a belly left to work on. I think I'm still 4 lbs heavier than the weight I was at when I picked it out 10 months ago. It's been sitting at the shop this whole time, so I haven't even seen it! WISH ME LUCK! We leave 5 weeks from tomorrow--UNBELIEVABLE!!!
  10. We just finished our groomsmen attire also! We decided to tell the guys to get brown thong-type sandals for the ceremony, and then they would need closed toe shoes for the reception. IN hindsight, I kinda wish that we would have them barefoot during the ceremony, because I don't want them to have to carry around an extra pair of shoes all night, or have to walk all the way back to their room to change...
  11. I made all of the foot jewelry myself; I had to make 10 pairs total! But they look great, I just got all the stuff I needed from Micheals. You can see how to make em here: http://www.ehow.com/how_5983382_make-beaded-foot-jewelry-beach.html (picture below) I bought the jewelry first, and then picked beads that looked the same as the elements in the jewelry. I got the jewelry here: http://www.amazon.com/Genuine-Multi-Color-Freshwater-Cultured-Earrings/dp/B0076WTCOU/ref=sr_1_9?ie=UTF8&qid=1363203103&sr=8-9&keywords=chuvora+earrings+pearl (they also had matching bracelets at the time). There are a ton of similar products on amazon if you like them, just search "pearl cluster earrings."
  12. I got them pashimas, "Bridesmaid" tank tops, flip flops that match the dress, earrings, bracelets, foot jewelry, and they will also get the Welcome Bag with all of the other goodies!
  13. I LOVE the boarding pass invites, but was turned off by the price. We ended up inviting over 300 people, so we had to be a little cost efficient there. I ended up getting standard invites from Target and printing them myself. We sent out our SAVE-THE-DATES about 10-11 months prior to the wedding, and then sent the invites at 6 months. The deadline to have deposits in was about 6 months prior, and all remaining balances were due 2 months prior, which we just passed. I need to get a hold of my TA to make sure that everyone paid, and that people didn't lose their deposits!!!
  14. LOVE Van Morrison! We are having "Tupelo Honey" for our first dance, and immediately after, "Into the Mystic" to have everyone else join in :-)
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